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Four-Girls Mountains

 Four-Girl Mountains (Siguniangshan)lies in the bounty between Arba Xiaojin County and Weichuan County,and is famous for its grandness,straightness and forcefulness. There are abundant forest, thick green grass, and clear flowing rivers. The mountains looks like South European scenery,is also called the Chinese Alps.
The fourth girls is the tallest in four girls,and it is 6250m in height; the first girl,the second girl and the third girl are respectively 5335m,5454m,and 5664m.they stand shoulder by shoulder with cloud surrounding their heads,with glacier wrapping around their shoulders,with green forest around their waist.Ever one is beautiful, virgin and comely ,so they also called Shushan Queen.
 The four-girl mountains, for its beautiful mountains,beautiful ravine,beautiful cloud and beautiful flow, become national scenic attractions.
 There are three gorges in this area,(Haizi gorge,Shuangqiao gorge,Changping gorge),some beautiful picture here:

National AAAA Tourist Attraction

Whole view of the Four mountains
Flower lake in the Haizi gorge
Haizi gorge
Horse riding in Changping gorge
Shuang qiao gorge
Changping gorge
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Last Modified: 08/09/2006