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Bamboo Forest

  Bamboo Forest in Changning County,Jiangan County in Yibing region in Sichuan are very grand and was called South Shu Bamboo Forest.
 the total area of pieces of bamboo forest reach 60000 mu,which is rare at home or abroad. Huang Tingjiang,famous literature in Song Dynasty has ever visited Bamboo Forest,and sigh the grand scenery with emotion facing the beautiful prospects,as well as inscribe Wang Ling Qing in a stone.Up to now,there are two villages :Wang King Xiang,and Wang Li Xiang in bamboo forest.
Riding 68 kg from east to south,can reach the west gate Changning County.From here,the bamboo forest stretch to the horizon,covering 500 hilly lands
 It is cool in summary and warm in winter,every season are adapt to travel. Tens of visiting patches in bamboo forest were called Emerald Corridor. It is so pleasant and comfortable to walk in the corrider.here are No Worry valley,Frog Lake,Waterfall Booth,Queen Temple,Emperor Temple,Gragon Groan Temple. Long& Happy Life Temple,etc many humane scenery and natural landscapes as well as many inscription and status in cliff.
 Additionally, No Worry Valley is a main attractions in bamboo forest. It is long narrow valley,where the bamboo grow dense and strong,which make the valley more tranquil. Walking on wound paths,or sleep on soft bamboo leaves,or listening to the bird's songs,or appreciating waterfall ,green bamboo,and flowers,even you have bellyful unhappiness,you can forget them completely .A 1500m long plank road build in a cliff will add cot more pleasure and interests for visitors.

 the moive <Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon> aslo got view in the Bamboo Forest .

National AAAA Tourist Attraction

Emerald Corridor
Banboo sea
Small road
Xiannv lake
Waterfall in bamboo sea
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Last Modified: 08/09/2006