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Danba--Beauty Valley
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Sichuan Danba,Beauty of the place
Danba--Beauty Valley  
The girls from Danba are the prettiest for unknown reason, hence people gave the valley a nickname-"Beauty Valley". Beautiful local women in their magnificent national dresses are ideal for tourists, especially for  photographers appetite.
In Danba, the Beauty Competition Festival will be held regularly. Usually,it takes place frome 21st to 23rd May. In Qiongshan village of Baidi Township which is  26km to Zhanggu Town, lies a beauty valley where used to nurish many beautiful girls. Nowaday, maybe you will feel a little bit disappointed coming here because most of the beauties have gone to big cities to hunt a better life.
Beautiful girl Beauty Valley--Qiongshan Village the first town on the side of Dadu River

Holy Molto(Mo”®erduo) Mountain  
Molto Mountain is considered to be one of the four famous holy mountains by Tibetans.It is situated between the big Jinchuan River and small Junchuan River with its peak about 5000m high. It runs from the south to the north and its rest chains extend several hundred kilometers to Ganzi and Aba. Walking around this holy mountain to make pilgrimage has become a common practice in Gyarong Tibetans. July 11th is the Holy Molto Mountain temple fair festival, on this day prayers would rush there from all around for pilgrimage.
Molto MountainHoly Mountain-Molto Mountain

Jiaju Resident House  
Jiaju Tibetan folk house (residence) has very special feature. It is detached wooden house with 3-4 layers, with a flat roof. The staircases are made of split logs in the corners. The base is usually used for the stable livestock, upper layers as bedrooms and the flat roof as place to dry up their grains etc. T-shaped structure is built on the roof, which can serve as a place for putting in grains and farming tools or taking shade or sleeping in hot summer. The outside of walls is painted in different colors representing sky, moon, earth, and Star etc.
Unique Tibetan House Local Village Danba typical house

Danba is famous for "thousand stone castle kingdom"with many kinds of old stone castles (watchtower, "Qionglong" in ancient) scattered over the county.
Built as early as 1700BC, the watchtowers in Shuopo village varies greatly.  
The height of watchtowers are between 16 and 35 meters, they stand on hillsides or the top of hills with stone slabs for their walls and stone blocks for their foundations. Usually the watchtowers there are designed as polygonal shapes, such as square, pentagon, hexagon, and octagon etc. The best ones have 13 sides and serve as  watchtower pearls in Danba area (only  3 13-sided watchtowers left in Gyarong Tibetan area).
There are four kinds of watchtowers in Danba according to their different use: Strategic Pass, Beacon-Fire, Village and Dwelling, most of them are well protected.  (omissed)