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Gyarong Tibetan
Jiaju Residential House Jiaju Tibetan folk house (residence) has very special feature. It is detached wooden house with 3-4 layers, with a flat roof. The staircases are made of split logs in the corners. The base is usually used for the stable livestock, upper layers as bedrooms and the flat roof as place to dry up their grains etc. T-shaped structure is built on the roof, which can serve as a place for putting in grains and farming tools or taking shade or sleeping in hot summer. The outside of walls is painted in different colors representing sky, moon, earth, and Star etc.

Holy Molto (Mo`erduo) Mountain & Gyarong Culture Gyarong (Jiarong) is the general name of the areas around the Holy Molto Mountain. And Molto Mountain is considered to be one of the four famous sacred mountains by Tibetans. Gyarong covers about 160,000sq km and has more than about 20counties or county-level cities. Molto Mountain, the main originating place of Gyarong Culture, located between the Big Jinchuan river and the Small Jinchuan river, it ranges from Barkham to Jinchuan and Danba with its highest peak about 5000m. It runs from the south to the north and its rest chains extend several hundred of kilometers to Ganzi and Aba. Walking around this Holy Molto Mountain to make a pilgrimage has become a common practice among Gyarong Tibetans. Jul. 11th is the Holy Molto Mountain temple fair festival on this special day prayers rush there for pilgrimage.