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Sichuan Danba,Beauty of the place
Useful information
You can find accommodations in Danba easily, of course the accommodation condtion is not so good compared with the developed city like Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu.The best local hotel can meet your basic demands. Fortunately, most of the hotels have good facilities, such as air-condition, independent water closet, hot water providing. You can also choose the local guest houses, the condition of which is poor but the price is quite reasonable.

Danba Altitude  
The average altitude of Danba county is about 1,700m even though the highest peak within this county is more than 5000m. It is not necessary for you to worry about the altidude sickness.
Xinmao Hotel (Standard room)Beauty Village Hotel(Tibetan Standard room)
Transporation You have 2 ways to get there.
A: You can take the bus directly to Danba at Chengdu Chadianzi bus center.It is about 390km long and takes a whole day. Please notice that there is only one shift every day at 6:30Am.
The route is as follow:
B; You can also take the bus to Kangding at Chengdu Xinnanmen tour bus centern forme 7:00 to 10:00 every day, and then change the bus to Danba when you arrive at Kangding. It is a 520km ride and takes 2 days.You are suggested to stay in Kangding overnight.
The route is as follow:
Route A is better for your choice to save your time but you will lose the opportunity to appreciate the beautiful natural scenery on Route B. Our company(Dreams-travel) has a round trip connnecting the 2. This tour is warmly welcomed by our customers so it is strongly recommended. Join us if you want to make things easier!
Almost all of the roads to Danba are concrete or tar covered. You can enjoy your driving pretty much.