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Hailuogou,A Unique Glacier Forest Park
Moxi old Town
Moxi Old Town is situated at the entrance of Hailuogou. it is encompassed by lofty mountains with a tongu-shaped table carved by the ancient glacier. The total area of this town adds up to be 308.64 Km with a population of 5600, formed by a complex of 8 different tribes. They are Han, Yi, Tibetan, Tujia and so on. The local tradition & custom are of original & unique. The Moxi Table-land, 0.2-1.2 Km in width, is very special in topography, running lower from north to south at a distance about 10Km like a giant lying dragon zigzagging quietly among the sacred Minya Konka.
In 1935, the famous Battle, Luding suspension bridge, burst out fire during procces of the long March of Red Army. The major force under leadership of Mao Tzetung & Zhe De had been settled in Moxi town.
Nowadays, Moxi town is famous for its tranquil & charming natural beauty, unique ethnic tradition & lanes of old taste.
Today, tourists from all over the country come to visit here in honor.Tourists usually live at the township for one night. There are many hotels in the town.
Gonggar Hotel (three-star)
Tel: (836) 3266666, 3266677

Changzheng Hotel (four-star)
Tel: (836) 3266608, 3266526

Moxi Hotel (two-star)
Tel: (836) 3266188

Hailuo Hotel
Tel: (836) 3266296

Besides, guesthouses with charges between 20-100 Yuan/person a night are available.

There are also hotels at No. 1, 2, and 3 campsites. Ití«S better for tourists to choose hotels with hot springs so that they can enjoy them free of charge.

Hotels at No. 1 Campsite:
Jinlaiyue Spring Holiday Inn Hotel (three-star)
Tel: (836) 3266866,3266868

Gonggar Miraculous Fount Hotel (Four-star)
Tel: (836) 3266888 ext 8000

Hotel at No. 2 Campsite:
Glacier Hot Spring Hotel
Tel: (836) 3266170

Hotels at No. 3 Campsite
Jinshan Hotel (three-star)
Tel: (836) 3266438, 3266434 ext 888, 868

Yinshan Grand Hotel (three-star)
Tel: (836) 3266555,3266383