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Ganzi And Aba,the Tibet Area In Sichuan
About Aba
The Aba Tibetan-Qiang Autonomous Prefecture is located on the southeastern rim of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the northwestern part of Sichuan Province. It is mainly inhabited by the Tibetan and Qiang ethnic groups.

The prefecture covers 83,426 square kilometers and has a population of 790,000. Under its jurisdiction, there are 13 counties: Wenchuan, Lixian, Maoxian, Jinchuan, Xiaojin, Maerkang, Aba, Ruoergai, Hongyuan, Rangtang, Songpan, Jiuzhaigou, and Heishui.

Aba is famous for its beautiful scenery, distinctive ethnic customs, and abundant tourist resources. Famous scenic attractions include the Nine Villages Ravine (Jiuzhaigou), which has been listed as a World Natural Heritage; Huanglong, a state-class scenic zone; the Wolong Nature Reserve, China¡®s largest natural habitat for giant pandas; Siguniang (Four Girls) Mountain, a state-class scenic zone; the Miyaluo Scenic Zone, which is famous for its red leaves and hot springs; Kalonggou Scenic Zone in Heishui; and the Hongyuan Grassland. Aba is also home to many precious and rare wildlife, including giant pandas, golden monkeys, deer, roe deer, bear, and leopards.

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