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Tibet Travel Permits
Tibet Travel situatiom

if you are going to arrange a trip to Tibet,please read this page first to understand about the situation.
Tibet has been one of the most fascinating destinations for centuries. Mt Kailash has been the symbolity of holiness since Tibetans named it Kangrinboqe ( King of Mountains), since Chinese named it Xumi(the center of Universe), since Bon Religion called it Mt Kisi( seat of Goddess), since Rishaba, the first of 24 Tirthankaras attained liberation and since Buddha Sakyamuni regarded it as Earthy Mandala. Mapam Yumco, also called Manasarovara, considered as a base camp for the Holy Kailash Parikrama. is the lake of compassion, tranquility and bliss. Indian pilgrims complete the memorable morning Bath and Puja here while ancient Chinese believed that is Yaochi, a lake full of nectar, where the Heavenly Emperor wife lives. Mt Qomolangma, or Everest stands 8844m, the height our planet reaches. The golden roofs of Potala, Jokhang and Sera shines glittering surface of Lhasa River while Yumbulakhang, the first castle in Tibet, is alone in Yarlung Valley, where Tibetan civilization started. The east Tibet is of high mountains and big rivers where Nanjiabawa Great Canyon brings in wetness from the Indian Ocean, and, is the home of Khamba, a well-built people with strong resistance
What¡®s the  Tibet Travel Permit for

Tibet Tourism Bureau used to allow a foreigner to have free tour activities in Lhasa area if he or she holds a TTB permit, but not since March, 2008. The new regulation insists on a well-organized group for any foreigners, which means every group, even a one-participant one, must be escorted by a guide and a tourist vehicle touring along the prearranged time and route.
How to get Tibet Travel Permit

To travel in Tibet, a foreigner shall get the permit first, which becomes easy if through Dreams Travel.
Just e-mail Dreams Travel (1). a day-by-day itinerary( when, where and how to enter, stay and exit,and we can design one or tailor one for you if you have¡®nt one in your mind).
Be aware that Dreams Travel may help you in this way. Just tell us what you are interested in Tibet and our experienced tour planners will offer their advice. Dreams Travel has ten overland routes into Tibet besides normal flight-or-train-in ways, as unique as which, Dreams Travel has a few hundred monasteries ready in their tour programs for those on pilgrimage.
(2). a tour member list( name in full, date of birth, gender, nationality, occupation and passport number).Be aware that TTB may not issue the permit to diplomats, reporter and photographers, who will have to apply for the permission from Tibet Foreign Affairs Office.
(3). scanned photo page and China visa(L) page of the passport.
Further tour of Tibet Since Tibet borders Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim and India, one needs a few other passes to remote areas. Namely, Border Pass from Tibet Frontier Defence, Alien¡®s Permit from Tibet Security, Forbidden Zone Pass Tibet Military and Travel Pass from Tibet Foreign Affairs Office, about which a tourist may be curious but he or she just leaves the application to Dreams Travel.
/b>Enter into Tibet from other cities(Beijing,Shanghai,Guangzhou,Kathmandu)

A tourists can get into Tibet from any other major cities in China by air, train or automobile.It is possible to drive in or fly in from Nepal, but according to an agreement between China and Nepal, those who are about to enter from Nepal should have China visa at China Embassy in Kathmandu instead.
Arrange your trip to Tibet with us

As a reputed travel agency, Dreams Travel has a large portion of Tibet market since it provides more efficient and reliable service. Not only is there?an easy and quick permit application, but there are various itineraries with competitive prices available all over Tibet.
Dreams Travel has agents all the country. Wherever you start your journey to Tibet, you can fetch the permit there in time in order to show it while boarding a train or flight.
Some may take thought for problems such as safety, accommodation and so on. Supported by a-decade experience, Dreams Travel dare say that trip to Tibet is just as pleasant as you can imagine: cities with modern life, villages with time still and poetically-graceful snow peaks, blue lakes, quiet forests and endless highland.