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Tibet Chamdo
Chamdo Prefecture
ChamdoThe Chamdo Prefecture has an average altitude of over 3,500 meters, with a unique topography and wonderful landscapes.It is in the plateau continental climate zone. The terrain lowers down from northwest to southeast, and the valley deepens from north to south.
Jampaling Monastery (Qamdo Monastery) Completed in 1444, also called Chamdo Gedain Qambaling Monastery,Jampaling Monastery is the earliest and largest monastery of the Geluk sect in the Kham area. It preserves the bronze seal granted by Emperor Khamxi to Patala in 1719. The Jambaling monastery contains 5 living Buddha systems and 12 Zhacang  with the more than 5000 monks at its peak. Qamdo Monastery is composed of the Grand Sutra Hall surrounded by the Tara Hall, Sutra Debating Court, Gedorlha Palace, Gardain Phodrang etc. It has a rich collection of tens of millions of metallic, wooden and clay statues of Buddha, tangka painting scrolls, religious objects, and Buddhist classics.
Jampaling Monastery Jampaling Monastery Beautiful Lake

Zezhol Monastery It lies at the foot of Zezhol Hill, 45 km from Tengchen County. It is one of the largest monasteries where Tibet indigenous religion originated and still well kept. The name Zezhol refers to the six peaks around the monastery. The monastery was first built in 1075 B.C. Even now Zezhol Monastery keeps many Bon followers and a most completed Bon ritual, which has been playing an important role in religious development in Kham. Therefore Zezhol Monastery enjoys a high reputation among the Bon monasteries in Tibet.
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