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Tibet Nyingchi
Nyingchi Prefecture
Nyingchi Located on the lower reaches of the Yarlung Zangbo River, Nyingchi is 3,000 meters above sea level. It has humid climate and beautiful scenery, so it also named "the Switzerland of Tibet". The inhabitants here are mainly the Moinbas and the Lhobas. Nyingchi is attractive with the Namjagbarwa, the Great Gorge of the Yarlung Zangbo River, Basumco, Zayu, and Bome.
Bayi Town It is both a newly flouring industrious town and the seat of Nyingchi Administration. The town is surrounded by a thick, beautiful forest. The temperature is moderate and rainfall abundant. It is not only suitable for planting crops and vegetables but also for visiting tourists.
The view from Lhasa to Ningchi Beautiful scenery of Ningchi Blue Sky
Basomtso lake The biggest freshwater lake of Eastern Tibet, lies in Gongbo-gyamda Country, Nyingchi Area. It`s 39.6km away from the main line of No.318 National highway. The lake shapes like a crescent, with the elevation of 3,464m, the lake is 15km long from East to West, 2km wide from South to North, and covers an area of 37.5 square kilometres in total. The average depth of the lake is more than 60m.
As a gem in south Tibet, Basongcuo¡¯s beauties inspire imagination of anyone who comes here. The flowers in spring, green trees in summer, golden fruits in autumn and white snow in winter all suggest that this is real ¡°Jiangnan of Tibet¡± and a paradise for both the immortals and the human beings. Like a shy girl, Basongcuo never intentionally displays her beauty to others. She quietly lies in the embrace of the snow mountains and forest, just as the verse going ¡°

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