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Chimpu Meditation Centers
It is an ideal place for preventing sun strikes and keeping off the cold, very suitable place for trekking. Ití»s not only a sacred place for pilgrims, the tourists may enjoy much more fun there. í░Chimí▒ refers to the Chim clan while í░Puí▒ means the upper part of a ravine. The ravine where Chimpu lies is a basin with a surrounding of mountains to three sides, which are just like two hands holding Chimpu in the middle, and then faces gradually to open slopes into a vast valley of the Yarlung Tsangpo River in the south.

Jihu, Padmasambhava and many eminent monks practiced Buddhism there and left many sacred remains there. Before the ending of the former flourishing period of Tibetan Buddhism, many Buddhist scriptures were buried there and during the early later flourishing period of Tibetan Buddhism, a lot of scripture diggers came to dig scriptures. Chimpu shares the same great reputation as the Samye monastery that Tibetans believe that you doní»t really visit Samye Monastery without going to Chimpu.