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Namche barwa
Namche barwa Peak
It is 7,782 metres above sea level. The southwest monsoon brings sufficient rain here along the Yaluzangbu river valley. Within 40 kilometres, vegetations of tropical zone, temperate zone are distributed. Thousands of animals live in the thick forest, such as the white monkey, the longtail monkey, tigers, and leopards. Biologists have described it as "the natural museum of vegetations" and "the gene deposits of mountain biological beings".

Namche Barwa-Tsangpo Gorge region is located in east-central Tibet. It is one of the most fascinating natural environments on the planet. The area is composed of many different ecosystems stacked on top of each other. The cause of this is the Tsangpo rivers radical turn south through this part of the Himalaya. The rivers tortuous path through the two great peaks of the area; Mt. Namche Barwa-7,782 meters and Mt. Gyala Pelri-7,151 meters, has cut a gorge 5,000 meters deep. The distance separating the peaks is only 21 kilometers. This mountain and river combination has created a stupendous landscape containing semi- tropical rain forests near the bottom of the gorge, to true Himalayan conditions on the high flanks of these peaks. Nestled in the many hidden valleys of the area are groups of Tibetans still carrying out age old pastoral and religious ways of life. Some places such as Pemako are considered by Tibetans to be lands of sacred refuge to be entered during times of great distress. Pemako is one of the most sacred spots in all Tibet. Throughout the last several centuries many visionary lamas have journeyed here to unearth Buddhist treasures hidden ages ago. The sanctity of this area is palpable. Only a handful of westerners have been to the region.