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Gigantic Cypress Wood
The giant cypress wood is in the valley of the lower reaches of the Yaluzhangbu River and the Niyang River at the latitude of 3,000 to 3,400 meters. In the Giant Cypress Nature Reserve of the Bajie Township, there scatter hundreds of such huge cypresses only seen in Tibet, which are noted for their huge tree crowns and upright trunks.

The giant cypress wood in Bajie Village is known for its perfect condition. The cypresses here are 44 meters high on average and their average trunk diameter is 158 cm. The cypress king in the center of the wood has a height of 56 meters and chest diameter of about six meters. Seen from distance£¬it looks like a huge umbrella or marquee whose crown covers a land area of over one acre. It has been standing here for more than 20 centuries and respected by the locals as ¡°the God of Tree¡±. The local Tibetan community views the cypress wood as a piece of holy land. According to the legend, the ancient cypresses are the trees of life for Ben founder - Xinraomibao. Therefore the pilgrims from far away come here to worship the trees from now and then.