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Winter Tibet Exploration

    Because of the high altitude, Tibet is known as snow-covered area and a winter tour there is taken no account of by most tourists. However, Dreams Travel are always arranging winter tours in Tibet tours due to the following reasons. With its flat land and mild weather, Lhasa is free of both freezing winters and unbearably hot summers, having an annual average daily temperature of 8 degrees C (43 degrees F). It enjoys more than 3,000 hours of sunshine annually. In fact it is called the "sunlit city." In winter, it rarely snows in Lhasa. The bright sun in the cerulean heats every creature that takes in salubrious air. It shines the golden roofs of Potala, Jorkhang, Sera, and Drepung and Kyichu River flows with the glory. In the distance Yumbulakhang shands alone in Yarlung River Valley, where there is the cradle of Tibetan civilization.
Tourists find much the same in other places, such as Nyingchi, Shigatse and Tsethang. Though night is cold and you can always find a warm room, out of whose window a splendid starred welkin is beheld. One-day trip to Namtso is worthwhile, for Mt Nainqintanggulha, the holy mountain of the whole northern tribes, often raise its while head above cloud in winter time.. Visiting the Base Camp is also possible. One can even cross Himalayas into Nepal and winter is the best time to visit Nepal. In summer, it is always difficult to travel as far as Bomi because there are often mudslides due to the rainy season while the route to Bomi is perfect in winter. Bomui area has beautiful monasteries, forests, lakes, snowy peaks and rivers that out of one¨s imagination.
The second reason is that it is easier for booking: flight, train, hotel and so on. Dreams Travel strongly recommend at least one Cway by train. To Train across the vast Qiangtang( Highland) is a wonder. In the air-conditioned carriage with oxygen supply, one experiences the vast, desolate and just wonderful.
A winter trip to Tibet costs one less because of an decrease of tourists. There is always a vacancy in a flight, a train and a hotel while in summer one has to put up with what he dislikes.
Last, Dreams Travel likes the quietness in Lhasa when winter comes. To see the sky at Namtso, to see the forest in Bomi, to see the snow at Lalungla, to see Kagyu at Tsuphu, to see Nyingma at Samye, to see Sakya at Sakya and to see Geluck at Gaden´.


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