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Shannan Yarlong river scenic
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Shannan Yarlong river scenic
Yarlong scenic area
It is the originating land of Tibetan nationality. The area is flat and soil is fertile with abundant crops. This simple yet grand scenic area is composed of fields and pasturelands, rivers and valleys, snow-covered mountains and glaciers as well as religious cultural relics, unique folklores and custom. The vegetation is abundant and varied according to the different heights. Historic spots consist of the the following: the earliest palace of Tibet-Yumbu Lakhang; the first temple of Tibet-Samye; the earliest Buddha hall-Changzhu Monastery and the tombs of the Tibetan Kings. There are more than 40 scenic spots for tourists both home and abroad.

Yarlong Tsangpo River, originating from a glacier on the northern Himalayas, is the highest river on the earth with an average altitude of 4,000 meters (13,120 feet). Running 2,057 kilometers (1,275 miles) across Tibet, it finally flows into India, where it is known as Brahmaputra. The river is the largest river in Tibet and the sixth longest in China. It makes a very sharp turn when it meets snow capped Mt. Namcha Barwa, which soars 7,782 meters (25,525 feet) up to the sky and stays in clouds. The turn is so sharp that it forms a gorge three times as deep as and more spectacular than the Grand Canyon of Colorado. The Great Canyon of Yarlong Tsangpo Riverí«s depth reaches 5,382m (17,657 feet) and it has a total length of 496.3 kilometers (307.7 miles).

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