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Three Gorges,The Golden River,The Biggest Dam
Chongqing City
Chongqing has subtropical climate, quite hot in summer, thus it has the name of "furnace city." Meanwhile, Chongqing has also got the renown as a "mountain city" because of its buildings on hillsides and mountains within the city. The climate in Chongqing is often cloudy and misty. It is also called "the fog city" for the pollution in the past, in recent years, Chongqing improved a lot on environment protection so it has seldom foggy days in winter.

Chongqing, actually the Chaotianmen pier is the starting point of the Three Gorges travel, the downtown - Jiefangbei (Liberation Monument Square), which near the pier is one of the most famous shopping center of western China.

The porter, carrying heavy things by shoulder pole and rope throughout in this hilly city is called "Bang-bang" by the local people, the cost for package carrying is about 5Yuan, they are generally honest.

On the pier, there are vendors selling slipper and fruits, the two things are good for an on-ship tourist, especially the fresh fruit.

Night view of Chongqing cityGreat conference hall of Chongqing
Jiefangbei - the shopping centerHarbor Plaza Hotel
Chongqing department storeChaotianmen harbor
Chaotianmen squareLanding stage