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Three Gorges,The Golden River,The Biggest Dam
Three Gorges Dam of Tangtze river
Three Gorges Project and the Dam
Travel downriver from Chongqing to Yichang, it is imperceptible that the cruise ship has approached the dam, especially in misty or raining days, please see the illustration below for the whys. 2009, the water level the dam impounds will rise from 135m to 175m, there are so many level indicators made along the Three Gorges.

Generally tourists will come to the dam from Zigui pier, see the spectacular gushing and back cruise ship from Huanglingmiao pier, this dam visit costs approximately 2-3 hours, if the itinerary is designed start and end tour both at Chongqing, such as Yangtze 5-7 day tour, tourists may come back throughout the T.G.P Double-Lane Five-Step Flight-Lock, the lock starts to lift when the pool is fully parked, so you have to wait more ships queued.

Zigui pier The ship path of T.G.P
135m water level will retain before 2009 Enter the dam
Tourists on top deckSailor fast the ship within the lock
T.G.P Double-Lane Five-Step Flight-LockT.G.P Double-Lane Five-Step Flight-Lock
Cruise ship dive out the damGezhouba flight-lock
How many benefits of the TGP will bring to the people? It is a very popular topic nowadays. According to the China¡®s network, we can get the information that there will be mainly 4 advantages:
Flood Control: after the implementation of the TGP, its normal pool level can produce the flood control capacity of 22.15 billion m3, which can control the biggest flood in 100 years;
With the help of the flood diversion structure, it can protect the both banks of the Yangtze River from suffering the destructive disaster in 1000 years.
Power generation: with the dam built on the three gorges, the river water will generate electricity for the water and electricity stations of the three gorges, the profits are very considerable. Designed annual generate electricity is 84.6 billion kw.h. It¡®s number one in the world. It plays an important role in the development of the economy and reduction of the environmental pollution.
Navigation: the 600km long waterway from Yichang to Chongqing will obviously be improved, making it possible for 10,000 tons of fleet to sail directly upstream to Chongqing.
The river boating is improved from 10 million to 50 million tons per year; the transportation cost decreases 35-37 percent. After the adjustment to the reservoir, navigation conditions upstream and downstream the Yangtze River has been greatly improved in low water seasons.
Tourism: The TGP promotes the development of the three gorges tourism. As the largest water conservancy in the world, the TGP puts the world-famous natural beauty and sup-large water conservancy man-made sights into together, which makes the three gorges become "the hottest" in tourism and press since recent years.
The Dam in 2006The final model in 2009