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Three Gorges,The Golden River,The Biggest Dam
Three Gorges-Wuxia
Wuxia Gorge is famed for its deep valley, in another words, deep valley means high mountains aside. These gorges are 45km long, from the Daninghe river of Wushan county to Guandukou of Badong.

On a cruise down the Wuxia Gorge, tourists and tour guidesˇ® mind are generally on the twelve peaks. Six of the 12 peaks line the north bank: Shengquan, Jixian, Songluan, Shennu, Zhaoyun and Denglong. The other six peaks are on the south bank, three are visible: Juhe, Cuiping and Feilong. Another three of Jingtan, Qiyun and Shangsheng are hidden behind the peaks on the right of Qingshi Stream, a tributary of Yangtze River. The Shennv peak is the most famous one, but it is very small from the ship view.

Wuxia Gorge The footprint of Xiangyu (Chinese myth)
One of the Mt. Wu 12 peaksThe Kongming Stele was sink under here (Chinese myth)
Shennu peak Shennu peak