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Three Gorges,The Golden River,The Biggest Dam
Fengdu - The Ghost City
Fengdu is located on the northern bank of the Yangtze River, known as the "Ghost City" to most Chinese people, it got its reputation as the "Ghost City" in the Eastern Han Dynasty (A.D. 25 - A.D. 220). Two officials from the imperial court: Wang Fangping and Yin Changsheng, got bored with the political life in the court and came to Mt. Minshan outside Fengdu City to practice Taoist teachings. Both of them later became immortals by carrying out self-cultivation. This story widely spread and makes Mt. Minshan become famous. When combined together, their surnames Yin and Wang, sound very much like "King of Hell" in Chinese, hence the people began to call Fengdu the "Ghost City".
Fengdu pier, midnight
Ropeway of Fengdu

Antique shop in FengduPavilion
Fengdu templeFootpath to hell
To Chinese, the social structure in the hell is exactly like that in this world. In hell, a sprit would go through a whole and complete administration of a government to get the final judgment. The honest spirits would be rewarded and the criminal ones would be punished. Different punishment would be given to different crimes. The drawing and statues in the temples built on Mt. Minshan represents  the Chinese imagination of hell.

In some travel agencies¡¯ route, the visit to Fengdu is in the midnight, it generally depends on when your cruises start from Chongqing pier, the duration from Chongqing to Fengdu costs about 6 hours, hence you can calculate out whether you have a sunlight or moonlight visit in Fengdu.