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The Shangri-la Canyon
The Shangri-la Canyon also Grand Birang Canyon is located at the foot of Minor Snow Mountian in Geza township, about 103 kms from the Shangri-la. The scenery of the valley amazes many people. The plant research groups from China and Sweden call it a mysterious valley. The valley is steep and narrow, with walls of some 1,000 meters high, the most narrow part of the canyon is only 10 meters between the two sides. As a saying goes that a sky chasm is produced by a narrow line in between the valley and stones are the gates of the two-mountain valley.

The Birang River roars along the Birang Valley with rough waves and roaring noises. The valley has cut itself to a depth of 200 to 1,000 meters, passing through the fairytale land in 2.5 km forming up a marvelous spectacle full of legendary spirits and secluded spot.