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About us
With its headquarters located in Chengdu, China, Dreams Travel is the earliest online tour/travel planner and operator of all the top government licensed tour companies in China, aiming at any tour/travel participant, individual or organization, any tour/travel destination, inbound or outbound, any tour/travel purpose, material or spiritual and any tour/travel budget, ready-made or purpose-madeĦ­
Never slavishly following the others, our staff make tour itineraries based on different tour ideas of our own. Pioneering in something new and innovating in something old are what Dreams Travel keeps on doing, which interest a great many clients all over the world.
Through the miracle of internet, via our website, over coffee at home, one easily collects information he needs and plans or books his tour/travel. Our staff are anxious to answer any questions that may arise. Everything is easy at www.dreams-travel.com.
People have tour/travel dreams: to conquer a peak, to be in a sunbath, to see a wild being, to experience a custom or be on business and so on. No matter what dream one has, Dreams Travel is ready at his service, looking forward to helping realize his dream.