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How to make a hotel resevation
Ití«s easy and convenient to make a hotel reservation on Dreams Travel,its our mission to take care of all travellersí» needs,and we guarantee to offer high quality service and low rates hotels.
1. Reservation Access: Click "Hotel" on the "Home Page" to access the Hotel Reservation Page.Choose your hotel and Fill in Reservation Form.

1) Search for a hotel: On Hotel Reservation Page, just specify a city where to go and the hotel class(classified by stars) and Hotel List Page will display a list of our cooperative hotels with names, rating, photos and referenced prices in RMB Yuan. 
2) Choose your favorite room and Make a reservation

After carefully study of the prices and rooms, specify your hotel rooms
by our quick booking panel on the Hotel Details Page. Please read notes
below to each item on the booking panel.

1) Room Type:

Choose the room type you prefer and remember to read carefully the Details
after the room type about price before you make your choice. Because the
prices shown on our quick booking panel are on-the-day hotel rates for you
to easily compare the price between different types of room. And then
choose the numbers of the room you need to book for your party.

2) Breakfast:

Usually hotels offer two or one daily complimentary breakfast for each room
but for some reception you need book breakfast extra. Please refer to price
details of each room type to confirm it. Do not forget to book breakfast for
your child if needed.

3)Extra Beds No.(Rate / B/ No) :

Choose the numbers of the extra beds you need to book. Please note the
numbers of Extra Beds availalbe in one room is usually one but for some
hotel rooms are two. Please make sure you view the Details after the room
type about Extra Beds. Do not forget to book beds for your children if

You book different rooms at one time by our smart panel. After you choose
the room, breakfast and extra beds, if needed, please enter the check-in
and check-out dates and adult and children numbers.

Special Requests:

Any special requests prior to be informed will be helpful when we make
reservations for your or your party.

3.Submit your reservation

1) Confirm your booking

When you fill in all the blanks related hotel booking and submit it, the
booking procedure will move on to the next page. The next page will
show you the detailed booking information and the total price you
need to pay. Please reconfirm the booking details before you submit
Guest information.

2) Submit Complete

You will read information as below after you submit your personal information
on our Submit Booking page.

Submit successfully!

Your booking request has been successfully submitted.

Important Notice:

Dreams Travel professionals will process your booking request with hotels
right now. And your booking enquiry will be replied by mail within 12 hours. We
will send your Booking Information to the email address which you have given
us when you filled our booking form. Please make sure you give us your correct
email address.