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China Public Holidays
Jan. 1st ---- New Year Day; 1 day holiday
Jan/Feb ---- Spring Festival (Chinese lunar New Year); 4 days holiday
Mar. 8th ---- International Womens Day; 1/2 day holiday for women only
May. 1st ---- International Workers Day; 3 day holiday
Oct. 1st ---- National Day; 3 days holiday
Jun. 1st ---- International Children Day, is a festival for children.
School children normally have 1 day or 1/2 day holiday.
Jul. 1st ---- Birthday of the Communist Party of China, is usually celebrated through meetings.
Aug. 1st ---- Birthday of the People`s Liberation Army, is usually celebrated by the army.
Maybe some foreign friends learned about something of China "Golden Weeks", actually, "golden weeks" happen in China May Day holiday, National Day holiday and Spring Festival. In order to encourage the citizens to travel,the central govenment of China combine the legal holidays together with the weekend in the same week while people have to work on the next weekend.
There are also other days such as the Plant-a-Tree Day, No Smoking Day, Environment Protection Day, Customers` Rights Day, etc. Some days such as Mother`s Day and Father`s Day are also promoted by shops to attract more customers.
Western holidays are becoming more popular in China, especially among young people, such as Christmas Day which is celebrated in all hotels, Valentine`s Day and April Fool`s Day.