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  Aba county Nianbaoyeze 4 days tour
This tour is for Private Group,What is it?
Located in northwest Sichuan Province and along southeastern fringe of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau,   Aba Prefecture is also situated in the converging area of Qinghai province and  Sichuan province.  Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture has 13 counties under its jurisdiction, most of them are inhabited by  Tibetan and Qiang minorities. Aba Prefecture has rich tourism resources and has many rare animals live here.
Nianbaoyuze, in Chinese, it means the grand mountain of boulder. .Also known as Guoluo, Nianbaoyuze Mountains is considered a holy mountain by the locals on Guoluo Grassland. It is located 40 kilometers southwest to  Jiuzhi County Gansu province, and it is the main peak on the southeastern section of Mt. Bayan Har. It is said that the mountain is the birthplace of the local Tibetans. Nianbaoyuze is composed of many peaks 4,000 meters above sea level. and there are more than 1000  lakes scattered in this area. In the southeast part of  Nianbaoyuze lies virgin forests of pines and firs. The ravines are home to snow leopards, brown dears, and lynxes. The weather here is changeable¡£
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 Day by day itinerary
Day 1:Chengdu-Dujiangyan-Wenchuan-Miyaluo-Aba
Driving to Aba from Chengdu in the morning, we can have many stops for marvelous views along the road, accompanied  by  Zagunao River. Driving through skyscraping tunnel---Zegu Tunnel (Altitude 4448m), and pass by Shuajingsi and Long`riba prairie, finally we arrive at Aba county where we stay overnight. The whole distance is about 476KM from and this ride lasts 8-10 hours.
(When arriving at Long’riba prairie, if time permits, we can have a horse riding as we like extra paid by yourself.)
Accommodation:  Jingu hotel or the similar class.  
Day 2:Aba-Mt.Nianbaoyuze (Altitude about 3300m)-Aba
With the amazing pastoral and brilliant sunshine, we drive about 80KM to visit Mt. Nianbaoyuze,
which is a holy mountain in Qinghai province. It is considered a holy place inhabited by human, deities and every natural spirit. Legend has it that it is also the ancient battle field of Gesar, the most renowned Tibetan hero and his stories are still widely spreaded here. The splendid peaks, green and blue lakes and magnificent waterfalls are all eye feasts. After the sightseeing we  return to the foot of the mountain in the late afternoon and then drive back to Aba county. On the way we can enjoy the typical Zangzhai(the residential house of local tibetans).
Accommodation: Jingu hotel or the similar class
Day 3:Aba sightseeing (Altitude about 3300m)
In the morning we go to Langyi monastery and Gerden monastery. If we are lucky we can visit the morning meditation of the lamas and nuns. In the afternoon we visit the biggest Nunnery in Aba county with more than 300 nuns. The rest of the time we can have a self  exploration in Aba city and have a classical Tibetan dinner in a local restaurant or in a tibetan family.
Accommodation: Jingu hotel or the similar class .
Day 4: Aba- Taoping Qiang Minority Village Wenchuan-Chengdu
Today with the reluctant mood to say good-bye to the boundless prairie, we return Chengdu. Through the Zhgu Tunnel again and visit many local villages of the Qiang and Tibetan ethnic groups on the way.  If  time permits we will drop by Taoping Qiang Minority Village and Ganbao Village of  Tibetan Village with extra pay 40Yuan/person. The whole distance is about 400 kilometers and we accomplish the whole trip at Chengdu

 Departure dates and prices
(based on per person and shown in US Dollar)

Group size
2-5 Pax 6-9 Pax 10Pax&above single supplement Children price Booking Online
All year around 810 760 650 260 475
 Cost included
1. Standard room (the hotel can only provide the electric blanket, we can not guarantee all the rooms are air-conditioned).
2. Air-conditioned travel bus or car for private tour groups.
3. The entrance fee of  the scenic spots.
4.The fee of the horse riding in Nianbaoyuze  
 Cost excluded
1.Lunch,dinner and Drinks during the tour.  
2.The entrance fee of the scenic spots mentioned that should be paid extra.
3..Amusement , horse riding, shopping and some other personal expenses  
4.Guide and driver"s tips

1.The temperature varies greatly and sunshine can be very strong, please bring jackets, sunburn cream, medicine for altitude sickness etc.

2.As we travel in Tibet area where the economy much more backward than other place, the diversity food is limited,so we suggest you order food by yourself or take some solid food.Most of local restaurant only can offer the simple Sichuan and Tibetan Dish.

3.The price is just for 1 bed in a standard room, if you want to occupy a whole room you should pay the single supplement for the other bed.

4.For avoiding the altitude sickness, please don`t do violent exercises, drink more water and rest as much as possible after sightseeing.

5.We suggest you don`t go outside of your hotel during the night.

6.Most of the time you will enjoy the beautiful views in the car, and the driving hours are very long in this tour.

7.Tourists should take the high plateau altitude into consideration, if unexpected accident(injury, death etc.) happen, the Insurance Company will compensate according to the regulations not our company.

8.Aba and Ganzi prefecture is short of water, some hotels can not provide enough hot water for bathing but you won't have problems in cleaning your mouth and face.

9.Minor program changes sometimes are necessary, depending on road conditions, weather and availability of room.

10.Prices and Itinerary are valid 2009, but may vary according to your travel time and tour availability (e.g.: China special events time such as Canton fair; Chinese holiday periods: April 30th - May 7th, Sep 30th to Oct 7th, and Chinese New Year period which usually falls in January.)

11.Health consultation from your doctor before you come to highland(Over than 3000M).......
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