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ShuFengYaYun Teahouse-Sichuan Opera Show Tickets
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Gropu size:under 20 person
Reservation: 1 -Day in advance,at least
Update time:01/04/2012 10:50

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    *Prolusion: Naotai              
    Naotai is a piece of gong and drums music. It contents the best of the operns of Sichuan Opera, and it is full of Sichuan folk charm and local feature.              

    *Sichuan Opera              
    Sichuan Opera derived from the great culture of West Shu Country, which has a long history of over two thousand years. Sichuan Opera, as one of most characteristic Chinese local drama, has a history over three hundred years. Sichuan Opera is good at magnificent accomplishment, humorous actor’s lines, and excellent Gongfu performing.              

    *Stick-puppet show:The beauty of the World              
    Stick-puppet show is a tour de force, which has a long history over two thousands of years. The beauty of the World is adopted from an excerpt of Sichuan Opera.? The story is about a fairy, who descended on the world and was infatuated with the life of human and the beauty of the world.              

    *Rhythm of Shu Yun               
    Rhythm of Shu Yun is a particular art form consisting of talking, singing, Sichuan folk instruments performing, and dancing.              

    *Suona Solo, Kaxi              
    Suona is known as Chinese trumpet. Birds in the Woods is the most expressive Suona composition which describes merry birdcall of hundreds of birds in the woods.              
    Kaxi, Let’s Speak Intimate Words, humorously presents the dialogue between the relatives according to two persons’ performances.              

    *Changing Faces              
    Changing Faces and Spitting Fire are the magic unique skills of Sichuan Opera. They are derived from Old West Shu Country and well known all over the world. During the performance, the performers change their masks in a magic way to show the rapid diversification of the gut and the role’s innermost being. In Shufengyayun, the particular Sichuan Operatic masks and perfect performance of masters, who have been sent abroad to perform by government, shows the tiptop of the art of Changing Faces and Spitting Fire.? And only in Shufengyayun you can enjoy the unique skills so closely and truly.                

    *Stick-puppet Show              
    Puppet show is rooted from the Han Dynasty(202BC-204DC). Stick-puppet show is a way of performing, which the puppet and performer are all on the stage. Wood-head Show in Sichuan Province and Pleading Puppet Show are most famous, and they were used as to fete the ancestors and jins at ancient times, when they had the style of sobriety and solemn. In the Song Dynasty (960—1279) they became to be puppet show, and spreaded in the folk to be a cheerful folk acrobatics.              


    Add:            ShuFengYaYun Teahouse,Qintai rd.              
    Time:           08:00-09:30pm              
    Meeting point:DreamsTravel hostel--Wenjun Mansion,180# Qintai Rd. meet us there at 07:40pm the evening before the show,bring ur passport along with u for ur ticket              
    Price and online booking
    (Unit:CNY/pax)(Real time price,24 hour booking, auto confirmed, click "Booking" to start!)
    Type Adult (age 12+) Child (age 3-12) Price duration Schedule Online booking
    1st-4th row(Shufengyayun) 220 180 Jan.1- Dec.31 Daily
    5th-8th row(Shufengyayun) 180 160 Jan.1- Dec.31 Daily
    after the 11th row(Shufengyayun) 150 140 Jan.1- Dec.31 Daily
    Press the booking bottom for embark and free pick up information, contract will be delivered after payment!
    About children
    *Children under 2-year-old are only charged for infant flight tickets.

    *Children from 3 to 12 (12-year-old excluded) are olny charged for transportations and meals, excluding entrance fees, accommodations, etc. if the child need a bed for her/his own, an extra fee will be charged.

    *Children above 12-year-old (12-year-old included) are charged as adults.

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    *entrance ticket                
    *one cup of tea & one plateful of peanuts              
    *massage,CNY 50 for 30mins            
    *ear cleaning,CNY 40/person
    *This tour packages is sponsored by not only our company,but a few travel agencies together.  
    *Once payment has cleared,DreamsTravel’s online payment system will send you confirmation letters automatically  
    *You will be contacted between 6-9pm the evening before your scheduled tour to confirm pickup information regarding your driver and/or tour guide. If we are unable to reach you, we will leave a message with your hotel reception. Please make sure you provide accurate cell phone and hotel information. DreamsTravel will not refund any losses that result from incorrect contact information.  
    *Tour schedule may be adjusted by your guide according to traffic and weather conditions.  
    *All listed meals are Chinese food. Please notify us ahead of time if you have any dietary restrictions (allergies, vegetarian, kosher, etc.).  
    *Prices listed above are valid except Chinese New Year, May day holiday, China National Day holiday and other important activities which cause price fluctuation.An enquiry would be necessary if you happened to travel during these periods.
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