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  Car Rental with Driver
This tour is for Private Group,What is it?
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We operate tourist vehicles with drivers.If you need advice,pls feel free to contact us.We can tell you exactly what each car model is ideal for--so you get the best car to suit your travel needs and budget!  
Licensed Tourism Vehicles:    
1. Licensed Tourism Vehicles are those approved by the tourism and traffic authority, tourists have the right to claim compensation if any accident happened. Compared with the others,  
their price is higher. As a reliable travel agency, we arrange those licensed vehicles ONLY for our group tours. And the government licensed drivers are more professional than the others, you can complain to our travel agency or travel bureau if the drivers didn`t carry the contract our..  
2. The nonofficial licensed vehicles usually belong to some car rental companies, or just private vehicles. As a reliable travel agency we normally don`t employ these vehicles for tour groups. However, it is an inexpensive solution if you just want a car for tansporation instead of tour. Those drivers are not so professional as the registered drivers for tour transportation., and be aware it is not easy to claim compensation if something unhappily happended.
Brand and Model Tourism licensedPrice:/CNY(per.day) Capacity
SANTANA(or SANTANA2000) NO 1204+1
JINBEI HAICE(TOYOTA series made in China)NO 1208+ 1
FENGXING MPV (MITSUBISHI Series made in China)YES 1358+1
SAIHU 4Wheel NO 1005+1
TOYOTA 4500NO1905+1
REFINE vanYES1308+1
FORDYES18016+1 or 14+1
IVECO YES18020+2
 Departure dates and prices
(based on per person and shown in RMB)

1. Gasoline, toll (expressway excluded) are included for the price, tourists pay no extra money for that.
2. We have various options for your reference, please contact us for more information.
3. For the adventure itinerary of Daocheng, Yading and so forth, our price would raise RMB100-200/per.day.
4. If the vehicle drives only on the expressway, tourists should pay the entire expressway toll.
5. Car rental is charged on two-way basis, you should pay the empty back ride calculated by days.
6. The price is NOLY for car rental, our contract goes to valid when tourists get on and accept it. We have NO responsibility for any car accident, compensation follows the Insurance Company`s regulations.
7. The prices are not valid during China`s public holidays since they will go up quite a lot in those periods.
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