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  1-Day,Sanxingdui Relics & Baoguangsi Tour(Private)
This tour is for Private Group,What is it?
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The Musical 'Jinsha' which is performed in the Jinsha Museum Thearter is the first large - scale original musical in China, playing ancient Shu culture's miracle. The Musical is really a great success, Many people mention it together with some classics, such as Cat, West Side Story, Miss Saigon, The Sound of Music in the same breath.

Jinsha site, the centre of large-scale ancient shu shock the world in 2001. The 'sun bird' golden foil which unearthed from Chengdu jinsha site was awarded the 'China culture heritage' logo. For perfect presentation of mysterious atmosphere of the ancient jinsha culture, three groups from municipal culture industry, broadcasting and newspaper industry heavily invested 20 million, together with famous musicians like San Bao created 'Jinsha' musical-the first city card of Chengdu.
'Jinsha' musical revives jinsha relics, and metamorphoses into a beautiful scene on stage. With a dreamy,3D animation and high definition audiovisual technology, singing in full of pathos, to represent sad beautiful love last 3000 years between the ancient Shu princess 'Gold' (Jin) and archaeologist 'Sand' (Sha). Audience can review faithful love and wake up desire for life in the journey of ancient Jinsha kingdom.

The Musical is constituted of five acts:
Act 1   Ghost revival
Act 2   Jinsha sacrifice
Act 3   Heated combat
Act 4   Blooming feast
Act 5   There will be one day

Synopsis of the Musical: On the building site of Jinsha Site, the archeologist 'Sand'(Sha) was walking in a journey for searching memory under the lead of an ancient fairy; Lady Flower arranged a banquet full of fragrance, sweetness and good wines for him and she hoped to arouse his memory by the power of happiness; Fire-fiend believes that the harm and pain brought by war is much deeper memory than happiness, so he arranged Sha to meet his sweetheart - Shu princess 'Gold' (Jin) of thousand years ago in the battlefield; The wood Chou took Sha to the most ancient sacrifice ceremony; Under many people's lead, Jin and Sha finally opened their doors of memory, but at the moment when it was supposed to be a perfect ending of the story, the fairies had to leave Sha and return to the outside world where they should stay in.  

Grow up
** April.8th, 2005, 'Jinsha' musical grand premiere in Beijing Poly theatre, blockbuster.
** May.22nd, 2005, 'Jinsha' began formal performance in Chengdu Jinsha International Theatre.
** Sep.19th, 2005, 'Jinsha' ushered in the first celebration of '100 performances'.
** In early 2006, 'Jinsha' started touring the country, and continued to the present.
** Nov.29th, 2006, 'Jinsha' went abroad and be invited to Singapore.
** Jan.24th, 2007, 'Jinsha' musical officially launched of Guangdong, Hong kong, Macow tour in 11 plays.
** Aug.12th, 2007, 'Jinsha' musical performed up to 700 filed.
** Nov.12th, 2009, 'Jinsha' performs in the Jinsha Theatre in Chengdu jinsha site museum, it becomes the world's first musical which plays on the archaeological site.

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Chengdu Jinsha Site Museum open the first of its kind in the world museums by customizing Jinsha Theatre specifically for the 'jinsha' musical. Here, delicate of artifacts and magnificent of modern performing arts mix perfectly. Be surrounding in the rocky cliffs, green dill vine, star bright, flowers everywhere, snow boundless,etc. audience return to the ancient Shu kingdom 3000 years ago through the 'time tunnel'.

Sceneries - Marvellous and Exuberantsacred sacrifice  soft moon  fierce battle  bloom city

Music - Soul stringheartily created by top composeraffecting aestheticism  exciting splendor.

Both Jinsha Site and the Musical 'Jinsha' are two name cards of Chengdu. One is old, which witnessed the resplendence of ancient Chengdu: another is modern, which reveals the prosperity of today's Chengdu. When you are visiting Chengdu, a visit to Jinsha Site cannot be missed, as well as to the Musical 'Jinsha'.
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