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  Litang Horse riding Festival and The Lost Horizon 9-Day Tour
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Highlights: The annual Litang Horse Race, held at the high altitude town of Litang (4000m) from August 1 to 7th, is the most celebrated holiday on the Chinese Tibetan grasslands. The Tibetans will come from far away and set tents to wait for the big days very early. After the wonderful ceremony with traditional Tibetan dancing and songs, the most exciting event is the horse races. The brave riders will take their pretty decorated horses to participate the races and showcase their excellent horse riding skills, such as picking up the scarlet on the back of a fast running horse, shooting at targets while on the gallop, etc. The women are all in their most beautiful best with magnificent jewelry as they shower their applauses on their heroes. The festival is also a good time for trade and various Tibetan-style goods are exchanged here amongst the visitors from all over.
We will spent 2 days at Litang to watch the horse races, and hopefully can captures some of the most thrilling moments on film. There are opportunities to make friend with the friendly Tibetan people and of course, also visit the Tibetan monastery in our free time. The atmosphere is one of festivities and there are moments for relaxation as well.
Itinerary and price:
July30:Chengdu - Ya"an - Mt. Erlang - Kangding,overnight in Kangding town (2000m)
Early departure for Kangding, via 140KM super high way to Ya`an - the ancient source of Tibetan tea. Drive through the newly built 4176-meter-long tunnel (highest in China) on Mt. Erlang, then cross the Luding Bridge over the River Dadu, to arrive at Kangding, the capital of Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, in the late afternoon. Overnight in Kangding hotel
July31:Kangding-Yajiang-Litang (4100M/ASL)/291KM(B+L+D) ,
Travel day, cross three high passes respectively the Gye La Pass (4290M/ASL), Gaoersi Pass (4300M/ASL) and Jianzhiwuan Pass (4700M/ASL). Cross the bridge over Gyarong River at Yajiang.Overnight Litang hotel,
Aug 1-2:Litang Horse riding Festival(B+L+D), overnight in Litang
Every district has its own: a time when Tibetans abandon their chores, come down from the high pastures, and don all their finery. Women bedeck themselves in precious stones, fur, silk, and silver. The men are no slouches either when it comes to fashion. With their elaborately braided hair, knee-length boots, and long silver-sheathed daggers, some Khampa men eclipse even their sisters in eye-catching attire. A camp base will be built up for the group on the grassland, where they can have coffee, snacks, lunch and etc. Group members might like to experience various events on their own, in the same time they can come back the camp base any time for any assistance they need. Includes a chance to visit Litang Monastery.
Litang Festival is known as one of the largest and most spectacular in Tibet. Every five years they put on an especially huge extravaganza. Litang festival is actually three events in one. First, it"s a classic Khampa horse festival with a race, demonstration of stunts from horseback, and a dance competition among troupes arrayed in regional finery. Second, it"s an arts and crafts festival; and third, it"s a trade fair, with items of every description offered in temporary shops within the sprawling tent city.
Aug 3:Litang-Daocheng-Riwa, visit Kongkaling Monastery enroute,(3700M/ASL)/260KM, overnight in Riwa (3200m) B+L+D
The famous American explorer Dr. Joseph Rock visited this monastery in the 1920s. In 1931 he wrote an article titled, Konkaling-Holy Mountain of the Outlaws in which he explained that Konkaling, meaning Snow Mountain Monastery, houses 400 monks who used to go out periodically on plundering expeditions, before returning to prayers.
Konkaling Lamasery, where possess a bronze statue of Maitreya presented by Dalai V. Horse trek from Lagu to Conggu at the feet of three scared mountains in the heart of Yading National Park. They consist of three snowcapped peaks whose names were, according to a legend, conferred by Dalai V. Chenrezig, the north peak with an altitude of 6032m, means Avalokitesvara, Jampayang, the south peak with an altitude of 5958m, means Manjushri, Chanadorje, the east peak with an altitude of 5958m, means Vajrapani. Like Mt. Kailash they are circumambulated by Tibetans from near and far. The peaks here are considered as the No. 11 Holy Tibetan Buddhism Mountain among 24 holy mountains in Tibet.
Early morning drive to Daocheng, via stop over on Mt. Haizhi (means lakes, 4500M/ASL, there are about 1145 of them) for a brief visit to the largest glacial erosion topography on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. En route, visit to Gangbo Lamasery (the first Garmapa`s home monastery), the birthplace of reincarnation tradition in Tibetan Buddhism. On arrival at Daocheng, visit to local lamasery and market.
Located on the southeast of Qinghai Tibet Plateau and the east of Hengduan Mountains, is a county on the southwest border of Sichuan, China. Daocheng County covers 7323 square kilometers and its 30,000 inhabitants are mainly Tibetan people. It is part of the ancient Muli Kingdom. The Kingdom of Muli, located in SW Kham in Sichuan province, is an area of vast grassland, high plateau, and glaciated mountains. The area is home to 22 of China"s 56 minority peoples and contains some of the last great stands of old growth forest left in Sichuan. Over night in a Tibetan style guesthouse.
Aug 4:Riwa village - Chonggu Temple - Luorong Pastur),overnight in tent of Yading Nature Reserve (3750m)B+L+D.
Drive to Yading Nature Reserve through Daocheng - Riwa (Shangrila) village after breakfast, although 80km gravel road, however the roadbed is perfect, it drives approximately 1.5 hours, arrive the portal of Yading Nature Reserve, horse-riding to Chonggu Temple, see the scenery of Chonggu Temple and holy peak Xiannairi, and continued ride to Luorong Pasture, see the another holy peak Yangmaiyong, Xiannairi and Luorong Pasture (the round horse-riding cost exclude, approximately RMB130/p.p), overnight in Yading (Tips: there are only several wooden houses outside of valley, service facilities are not nice, it is not worth that ride 4 hours back for better accommodation, instead of overnight in Chonggu Temple or camp in the scenery spot.), moreover please note, the meal and accommodation are not nice today. In the Nature Reserve, the meals are solved by "solid food" or cooked out side and bring into by the tour guide. (these stuff can be prepared easier in Chengdu and Daocheng)
Aug 5: Yading Nature Reserve - Daocheng, overnight in Daocheng (3700m)B+L+D
After breakfast, visit the Yading Nature Reserve, then horse riding back, drive to Daocheng, overnight in Daocheng. .
Aug 6: Daocheng - Kangding, overnight in Kangding (2000m) B+L+D
Drive back after breakfast, en route pass Litang, Yajiang, Xindu Bridge arrive Kangding (500km). Deluxe standard tourist overnights Kangding Transportation hotel or Kangding hotel (one of the best hotels).
Aug 7: Kangding - Mt. Erlang - Chengdu (300km),B+L
Accommodation and supper excluded (because of moderated traffic, odd day afternoon is our trun).
Visit Mt. Paoma of Kangding after breakfast (ropeway 30 excluded), then self visit in Kangding urban, drive back Chengdu in afternoon. Please note that it is probable our tour group arrive Chengdu about midnight.?
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C. 7-10 pax is $550USD/person with the best hotel availably,and private 30seats car and tour guide.
*Join the group,share the tour bus with the other tourist, private tour with a pvivate car.
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