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  The Ganzi Khampa Overland 12-day Tour
This tour is for Private Group,What is it?
The Ganzi Tibetan Kham is situated in the west part of Sichuan province, bordering Qinghai-Tibet plateau. The unusual geography and weather conditions along the transitional zone between Sichuan Basin and  Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau have given rise to a variety of landforms and conditions, such as mountains, glaciers, alpine lakes, and unique botany. As an area dominated by Tibetan culture for a long period of time, the local customs are clearly reflected in the more than 500 Lamaist temples in the prefecture. Tourism resources are centered around Mount Gonga  including Mount Erlang, the Luding Bridge, Hailuogou Gully, Mount Paoma, Muge Lake and the Tagong Grassland. All of  these attractions together with the customs and lifestyle of Tibetan people create magnets to visitors home and abroad.
With its highest peak touching the heaven at 7,556 meters above sea level, Mount Gongga straddles three counties of Kangding, Luding and Jiulong. The surrounding land includes a wide range of topography, such as virgin forests, snow-capped mountains, pastures, alpine lakes, hot springs, waterfalls and so on.
At an altitude of 2,850 meters above sea level, Hailuogou Gully Glacial Forest Park lies in a valley carved by glaciers along the eastern slope of Mount Gongga in Luding County. The gully has hot springs, virgin forest, glacier carved peaks, and abundant animal and plant resources. Golden Peak and Silver Peak face to face  offer a magnificent view.
The last frontier for humanity can be found at Yading, Daocheng. The primitive and mysterious surroundings, snow-capped peaks, wide valleys, and Tibetan villages and brilliance and beauty to every image.
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 Day by day itinerary
Day 1:Chengdu - Mt. Erlang - Hailuogou
Chengdu-Mt. Erlang-Hailuogou National Glacier Forest Park(280km, drive approximately 6-7), overnight in Moxi town(2000m)
Depart Chengdu in the morning, drive to Hailuogou though the Chengdu - Ya"an expressway, and Mt. Erlang tunnel, see the scenery of Dadu River, Mt. Erlang, arrive Moxi town in the afternoon. Enter the park and drives to No.3 Camp by nonpolluting bus, in general tourists have 3 sightseeing routes
Day 2: Hailuogou National Glacier Forest Park - Kangding (2000m)
After breakfast,  drive to  Kangding, and overnight in Kangding.
Day 3: Kangding-Mugecuo-Xinduqiao-Yajiang (3000m)
Visit Mugecuo lake in the morning then drive aross Zheduo Mountain, arrive at Xinduqiao which is known as the Paradise of Photographists, then drive across Golsh Mountain whichis over 4,000m high.Arrive at Yajiang and overnight in Yajiang.
Day 4:Yajiang-Litang-Daocheng (3700m)
Drive across  Mt. Jianzhiwan and Kazila, both of which are over 4,000m high.Visit the large open area of Litang grassland, passing Litang county and arrive at Daocheng. We will drive across another huge mountain Mt, Haizi, where you can appreciate the highland lakes formed by the ancient glacier movement. It is a drive of 380Km altogether.
Day 5: Daocheng-Yading Overnight: Yading Dreams Travel reception center(about 4,000m)
Drive to Yading Nature Reserve through Daocheng - Riwa (Shangrila) village after breakfast, although 80km gravel road, however the roadbed is perfect, it drives approximately 1.5 hours, arrive the portal of Yading Nature Reserve, horse-riding to Chonggu Temple, see the scenery of Chonggu Temple and holy peak Xiannairi, and continued ride to Luorong Pasture, see the another holy peak Yangmaiyong, Xiannairi and Luorong Pasture (the round horse-riding cost exclude, approximately RMB130/p.p), overnight in Yading (Tips: there are only several wooden houses outside of valley, service facilities are not nice, it is not worth that ride 4 hours back for better accommodation, instead of overnight in Chonggu Temple or camp in the scenery spot.), moreover please note, the meal and accommodation are not nice today. In the Nature Reserve, the meals are solved by "solid food" or cooked out side and bring into by the tour guide
Day 6: Yading Nature Reserve - Daocheng -Litang,overnight in Litang (4200m).
Morning, drive back the Daocheng, transfer toLitang county after a short while rest, overnight in Litang.
Day 7:Litang-Xinlong-Ganzi, overnight in Ganzi(3400m)
After breakfast, drive 280km to Ganzi by gravel road. Ganzi is a great Tibetan town.There is a huge monastery, old Tibetan houses and glaciers on the mountains. The landscape side has become the Tibetan plateau with cows, grasslands,yaks, and horses..
Day 8: Ganzi-Maligange-Dege overnight in Dege (3200m)
Drive 220km to Dege by gravel road,we will cross to Manigange and then on to Dege, the last town before the Tibetan border. In Dege, we will visit the Tibetan Sutra Printing House.
Day 9: Dege-Baiyu-Ganzi overnight in Ganzi(3400m)
We will cycle to the Jinsha River at the border of Tibet and then return to Dege. Then via transport, we will return to Ganzi, Around 320KM .
Day 10:Ganzi-Luohuo-Daofu overnight in Daofu(2900m)
Drive 320km to Daofu country,visit high land view on the way.  
Day 11: Daofu-Bamei-Danba overnight in Danba(2000m)
Drive 160km to Danba,the last country in Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, visit Danba Tibetan village and the ancient watchtowers.  
Day 12: Danba-Rilong-Chengdu
Drive from Danba to Rilong which is in Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, and famous for the oriental Alps, Mt.Siguniang,take a picture of the four Peaks at Maobiliang,then drive back to Chengdu,end the tour.

 Departure dates and prices
(based on per person and shown in US Dollar)

Group size
2-5 Pax 6-9 Pax 10Pax&above single supplement Children price Booking Online
Dec.2009-Mar.2010 1650 1440 1130 550 -
Apr.-Oct.2010 1850 1510 1260 600 -
Nov.2010 - - - - -
 Cost included
* private tour include Entrance fee .
* private tour have the local best hotel available
* private  tour have private English tour guide.
* private  tour have private car with seasoned tour driver
 Cost excluded
*All the Meals(hotel with the breakfast),
*Travel Insurance
*Your personal expenses ,such as shopping.

1.The temperature varies greatly and sunshine can be very strong, please bring jackets, sunburn cream, medicine for altitude sickness etc.

2.As we travel in Tibet area where the economy much more backward than other place, the diversity food is limited,so we suggest you order food by yourself or take some solid food.Most of local restaurant only can offer the simple Sichuan and Tibetan Dish.

3.The price is just for 1 bed in a standard room, if you want to occupy a whole room you should pay the single supplement for the other bed.

4.For avoiding the altitude sickness, please don`t do violent exercises, drink more water and rest as much as possible after sightseeing.

5.We suggest you don`t go outside of your hotel during the night.

6.Most of the time you will enjoy the beautiful views in the car, and the driving hours are very long in this tour.

7.Tourists should take the high plateau altitude into consideration, if unexpected accident(injury, death etc.) happen, the Insurance Company will compensate according to the regulations not our company.

8.Aba and Ganzi prefecture is short of water, some hotels can not provide enough hot water for bathing but you won't have problems in cleaning your mouth and face.

9.Minor program changes sometimes are necessary, depending on road conditions, weather and availability of room.

10.Prices and Itinerary are valid in 2010, but may vary according to your travel time and tour availability (e.g.: China special events time such as Canton fair; Chinese holiday periods: April 30th - May 7th, Sep 30th to Oct 7th, and Chinese New Year period which usually falls in January .)

11. Health consultation from your doctor before you come to highland(Over than 3000M).......
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