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4-Day,Gourmet food tour Jiuzhaigou & Huanglong Park Bus Tour【Group】
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Tour Code:1972
Deposit:20% of the full price
Gropu size:under 30 person
Reservation: 2 -Day in advance,at least
Update time:09/07/2012 17:30

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    D1: Chengdu--Dujiangyan -- Wenchuan --Maoxian town--Songpan ancient town  (aprox 9 hrs drive)
          hotel:  Chuanzhusi or Songpan town      
    meals: Qiang-nationality favor lunch / dinner
    highlight: Songpan Town & Erdaohai Lake (optional)
          your driver will pick you up at your hotel in Chengdu around 05:30--06:00 AM,meet the rest of  
          your group. depart Chengdu around 06:30, head to Jiuzhaigou, on the way pass through Dujiangy
    , Wenchuan(earthquake relic), have lunch at Maoxian,then drive more than 3 hours to Songpan
          town, get a glimpse of traditions in an ancient Tibet town
    * we will contact with you to varify the exactly pick-up time at the previous night of your departure date 
          * we might depart earlier than usual to avoid traffic jam.

    D2: Songpan -- Chuanzhusi town -- Huanglong National Park -- Jiuzhaigou town
          hotel:  Jiuzhaigou town           meals: breakfast/Tibet favor hotpot lunch /supper      
     highlight:  Huanglong National Park
          drive from Songpan to Huanglong Park (2-3 hrs drive), on your arrival, walk about 5 km (cable 
          car tickets is exclued: upwards: 80RMB/p downwards: 40RMB/p) up to its highest point—Enjoy 
    magnificent aerial views from the summit, including vivid, multi-hued blue pools scattered across
          the landscape.You'll return to meet your guide at the entrance then head Jiuzhaigou town ( 3-4 hrs

    D3: Full Day Sightseeing in Jiuzhaigou Valley 
          hotel:  Jiuzhaigou town           
    meals:breakfast/supper upper      
     highlight:  Jiuzhaigou valley
          evening show: Tibet dancing and singing show

          have breafast inside Hotel,then start your fantastic tour around 09:00 AM, Change to the shuttle  
          bus inside Jiuzhaigou for sightseeing. Jiuzhaigou is China’s premier national park which is located
          between the Sichuan Basin and the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau. With crystal clear lakes, waterfalls, 
          virgin forest, endangered plant and animal species and Tibetan villages to explore, you will forget
          all the trobles, but just throw yourselves into the spectacular scenery in this treasured scenic site.
          Jiuzhaigou valley literally means “Nine Village Valley” which is named after the nine Tibetan villag
    es scattered throughout the the evening you will have the chance to join-in a local Tibetan-
          Qiang minority culture show to know their mysterious life 
        * no smoking inside of JZG park.
        * only 1 service center inside of JZG--Nuorilang restaurant which offers buffet lunch, CNY 60-
          98/p. you can take the shuttle bus at any stop, and drive to Nuorilang at noon. or you can take
           your own picnic
        * JZG provides shuttle bus service to transport visitors around the park. Buses start running at 7am
          when the park opens and run until the park closes. JZG busses drop off and pick up visitors at
           each of the scenic spots throughout the park. You are free to get on and off buses as frequently
           as you like once you have purchased a bus ticket. It is possible to take the bus to the top of 1  
           of the park’s valleys and walk all the way out. This should take the best part of one day. 
    you are totally free inside Jiuzhaigou valley

         hotel:   none       meals:  breakfast/local featured village favor 9 course dishes

         highlight:  Jiuzhaigou valley
    After breakfast around 08:00 AM, drive back to Chengdu, drop you off around Chengdu Tianfu
         Square and end the happy trip 

          * due to the traffic, weather,road condition.etc.we highly suggest u not to book any flight today
    ,in case there may be some unforeseen delay.

    Price and online booking
    (Unit:CNY/pax)(Real time price,24 hour booking, auto confirmed, click "Booking" to start!)
    Type Adult (age 12+) Child (age 3-12) Price duration Schedule Online booking
    Madarin-speaking Group 2012 1750 580 0 Sep.01-0 Sep.10 Daily
    Madarin-speaking Group 2012 1850 no 0 Sep.10-0 Sep.27 Daily
    Press the booking bottom for embark and free pick up information, contract will be delivered after payment!
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    ChengDu Office
    MSN                                  Email                          TEL /FAX        TEL:+86-28-85155496 85155313(24hours service)

    BeiJing Office       Tel: (010) 57198315 15321528315
    *licensed air-conditioned travel bus, JZG shuttle bus 90RMB  
    *Admissions(CNY/p):  JZG 220, Huanglong:200
    *Standard group: 3 nights accommodations in local 2-3 star hotel (please email us if you need to upgrade your hotel)    
    *3 breakfast,3 lunch, 3 dinner
    *local Chinese-speaking guide  
    *DreamsTravel Special: Tibetan & Qiang Dance show,CNY 180/p
    *Tibetan roast lamb or Local Tibetan Family visit (Optional 150RMB/P)
    *Erdaohai Lake (optional): 150rmb
    *lunch inside of JZG park on Day 3 (buffet: 60 RMB/p)
    *personalexpenses                                                        *tips for guide and driver
    *anything not listed in INCLUSION
    *This tour packages is sponsored by not only our company,but a few travel agencies together                                                
    *Once payment has cleared,DreamsTravel’s online payment system will send you confirmation letters automatically                                                
    *You will be contacted between 6-9pm the evening before your scheduled tour to confirm pickup information regarding your driver and/or tour guide. If we are unable to reach you, we will leave a message with your hotel reception. Please make sure you provide accurate cell phone and hotel information. DreamsTravel will not refund any losses that result from incorrect contact information.                                                
    *Tour schedule may be adjusted by your guide according to traffic and weather conditions.                                                
    *All listed meals are Chinese food. Please notify us ahead of time if you have any dietary restrictions (allergies, vegetarian, kosher, etc.).                                                
    *Prices listed above are valid except Chinese New Year, May day holiday, China National Day holiday and other important activities which cause price fluctuation.An enquiry would be necessary if you happened to travel during these periods.                                                    
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