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  6-Day,Tibet Lhasa & Nyingchi Tour(Private)
This tour is for Private Group,What is it?
Nyingchi, "throne of the sun" in Tibetan, is located in southeast Tibet, where the Himalaya Mountains and Nyainqentanglha Mountains extend from west to east, like parallel huge dragons, to join the Hengduan Mountains in the east. It is adjacent to Yunan and Qamdo to the east and northeast, Naqu to the north, Lhasa to the west and Shannan to the southwest. It is a neighbor to India and Myanmar to the south with a border as long as 1,006.5 km. Nyingchi area, with a total area of 117,000 square km and a population of more than 140,000, has 7 counties under its jurisdiction: Nyingchi, Mainling, Gongbo'gyamda, Medog, Bome, Zaya and Nang. With green mountain slopes, snow-capped peaks and crystal-clear rivers, Nyingchi looks just like heaven on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau.
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 Day by day itinerary
Day01: Chengdu/Lhasa by air
Arrival at Lhasa Gongga Airport where is 3600 meter high after hour and 40 minutes. Lhasa Gonga Airport is located in Gonga County in South East of Lhasa with 100km to Lhasa city. It will spend 90 minutes by car via Yaluzangbu River. Then go to hotel in Lhasa and rest to altitude acclimatization where is 3650 metres height.  
Breakfast on air. The place to have lunch and dinner is appointed restaurant for travelers.  
Day02: Lhasa Sightseeing
Visit Potala and Jokhang  
Day03:Lhasa Sightseeing
Visit Sera and Norbulinkha  
Day04: Lhasa/ Basum Tso by landcruiser
Ride to Basum Tso via Mila Mountain Pass(5400m)
The lake Baksum Tso is situated in Tsongo village, Kongpo Gyamda County, Nyingchi Prefecture, Tibet autonomous region, China. It is surrounded by mountains, and has a moderate climate with wonderful landscapes. The average altitude of the lake is 3,538 meters with 15 kilometers in length, 2.5 kilometers in width, and 166 meters at the deepest in depth, "Baksum Tso" literally means "a lake situated amid three rocky mountains" in Tibetan. It is 44 kilometers form the Sichuan-Tibet highway, and 370 kilometers from Lhasa.  
Day05:Basum Tso Sightseeing
Have fun in the paradise
Day06: Sightseeing of Giant Cypress Forest and Lamaling Monastery
Giant Cypress Forest: It is here in Bajie village that a giant cypress Nature Reserve was built. Here all luxuriant cypresses are grown in a grove, the biggest being over 4.46 m. in circumference and 46 m. in height. The projection of the cypress shade covers an area of more than one mu. According to survey, this cypress has a history of 2,000-2,500 years and is named “the sacred Cypress" and local people protect it. It is said that this cypress is the soul of the Bon ancestor Sherab Miwoche. That is why a lot of prayer flags are always hung over these ancient giant trees. In the forest, there are also many stone carvings of prayers are piled and many pilgrims from afar come to pay homage.
Lamaling Monastery: Lamaling Monastery located in Buchu village, Nyingtri County, belongs to the Red Sect. The monastery has super location. Mountains surround it to three sides and face a limpid stream flowing by the hillside with luxuriant green trees and a magnificent landscape with overlapping hills.  
Day07: Fly back to Chengdu

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1.Private Toyota Land Cruiser 4500 or same kind jeep
2.Private English tour guide
3.Local  superior hotel  
4.All the entrance fee on the itinerary  
5.Travel insurance
6.Travel permit in Tibet, only for this itinerary
7.Airport & fuel tax
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All the meals
 About Children:
1. Minor program changes sometimes are necessary, depending on road conditions, weather and availability of room.
2. Health consultation from your doctor before you come to highland (Over than 3000M).
3. As we travel in Tibet area where the economy is much more backward than other places, the food alternative is limited, so we suggest you take some solid food.
4. The quotation is based on double-occupancy, if there is no one to share the room with you, you should pay the single supplement.
5. Please book at least one week ahead of your departure so that we have enough time to get your permit. We also provide flight/train booking service. Participants may set out where you stay, such as Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Bangkok, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Kathmandu,etc.
1.In the route information below, we outline the rough waypoints, you may contact us and discuss the scenery spots you hope to visit, and we quote you accord to your demand, as a tourist, thus you are enabled the most flexibility and making you route comfortable.
2.Minor program changes sometimes are necessary, depending on road conditions, weather and availability of room.
3.Health consultation from your doctor before you come to highland(Over than 3000M).
4.As we travel in Tibet area where the economy is much more backward than other place, the diversity food is limited,so we suggest you order food by yourself or take some solid food.Most of local restaurant only can offer the simple Sichuan and Tibetan dishes.......
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