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  4-day Holy Mountain Climbing Adventure
This tour is for Private Group,What is it?
High time to begin your Mountain Climbing Adventure!!!. Do you feel tired of the hustle and bustle in the cities? Are you nuts about natural scenery? Have you ever conquered a summit more that 5000m? You should have dozens of reasons to persuade yourself to join in our adventure£ºaffordable time + reasonal price = summit a safe snow-clad peak ! Come and experience the Wild Transection Mouintains.
One-day ride enables you far away from noisy cities to reach Rilong, a small town at the foot of Mt Siguniang(Four Sisters or Girls). It has been apotheosized since remote antiquity. The mountain has four peaks. They are the Fourth Girl (6250m), Third Girl(5355m), Second Girl(5276m) and First Girl(5025m).
In July 1981, seven Japanese made first ascent via the southeast ridge.
In July 1992, other seven Japanese made ascent via the south face and west ridge.
In October 1994, Charlie Fowler made ascent via the south face and the southeast ridge (In November 2006, he was killed in the avalanche at the west Sichuan).
In April 2002, Mick Fowler and Paul Ramsden made ascent via the Northwest face.
In November 2004, two American and four Chinese made ascent via the south face and the southeast ridge.
Even the easiest routes here are difficult climbs. In the past, few climbers attempted these peaks, one party or less every year. Recently, there has been a great increase in tourism. There has also been a corresponding increase in climbers¡¯ attempts on these peaks.
This area is in the eastern part on the Trans Himalayas which is called the treasury of the gene.
It is at the eastern end of the Tibetan cultural sphere, too.
A lot of flowers of alpine plants bloom in this steep and complicated landform of glacial origin.
Dreams Travel take you to the First Sister Summit(5025m high), which is the easiest summit to teach you the exhausting and exciting of mountain climbing.
And you should always keep this in mind: NO WINNER AND NO LOOSER ON A MOUNTAIN¡­
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 Day by day itinerary
Day 1: Chengdu-Rilong. Rilong is a small town right at the foot of Mt. 4 Girls
Day 2: Trek from Rilong to the Base Camp of the first peak along Haizigou Gully, whose main landscape is of alpine meadows and lakes.
Day 3: Trek from the BC to Camp 1(4200m)
Day 4: Try to reach the summit of the first peak(5025m). Horse-riding back to Rilong. If you ascend onto the summit successfully, the Mountains Climbing Society will give a certificate to you.
Day 5: Rilong-Chengdu

 Departure dates and prices
(based on per person and shown in US Dollar)

Group size
2-5 Pax 6-9 Pax 10Pax&above single supplement Children price Booking Online
All year around 622 - - - -
 Cost included
Accommodation (hotel, tent), meals, vehicle, horse, climbing guide, climbing assistant, entrance fare, climbing permit.
 Cost excluded
Personal expense and equipment
Starting point: Chengdu. Four Girls Mountain is a day¡®s bus ride northwest of Chengdu; it neighbors the Siguniang Mountains. The route is on the right side of the valley on the east face. Approached by foot in half-an-hour from the road!

Difficulty: For elementary climbing

Vertical gain: 1800 m total by 2 days.

Season: All year around

Equipment: Hiking boots and rain coat (we will supply the rest)


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