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  7-day Mt Siguniang(Four Sisters) Tour
This tour is for Private Group,What is it?
Mt.Siguniang has four peaks. The chief one is the fourth sister peak, 6250m above sea level , the third is 5355m the second  is 5276m and the first is 5025m. Respectibvely. Lloftily and magnificently, Mt.Siguniang stands with its peculiarities in queenly grace.

Dreams Travel take their clients onto Tibet-Qinghai Plateau from Chengdu, experiencing the supremacy of Minya Konka, the exotica of the transition among different nationlities.
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 Day by day itinerary
Pickup at Chegdu and drive 320km to Hailuogou ( Conch) Gully, which is a National Glacier Forest Park  located on the eastern side of Minya Konka Mountain and overnight at hotel.
Glaciers cover 31 square kilometers of the Conch Gully. Classified as Modern Glacier, they came into being 16 million years ago. The Grand Glacier Cascade -- 1,000 meters in height and 1,000 meters in width -- is the only one in the world. Its 6 km glacier tongue penetrates into the virgin forest, forming a rare natural landscape with the blend of glacier and forest.
There is a hot spring brook at Camp II, serving as an outdoor bathing or swimming place
Day02:Go to the Viewing Platform by ropeway in the morning and drive on 220km to Danba, the ancient queendom. Overnight at watchtower hotel. The localsí» watchtower serve as home and defence works.
Day03: Drive 120km to Rilong and begin to trek or horse-ride along Haizi Gully, whose main landscape is of alpine meadows and lakes, to the summit of Mt First Sister(5025 m). Overnight at Tent. Trekking assistants help a lot.
Day04:Go on ascending till onto the top and then descend. Overnight at hotel
Day05:Trek or horse-ride along Changpinggou Gully, where is a forest area
Day06:Take shuttle along Shuangqiaogou Gully to see the snow-clad peaks. Drive to Fengtongzhai, where  there is a Giant Panda Enclosure. Overnight at Fengtongzhai hostel.
Day07: Drive 280km back to Chengdu.

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