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China Sunshine Cruise(5★)                     
  About the Cruise . .

Sunshine china  is 87.2 meters long and 16.4 meters wide with a draft of 2.5/2.6 meters. Installed with engines of 2,640 h .p, she can sail from Chongqing to Shanghai all the year round with a maximum speed of 28 km per hour in still water.It can hold 136 passengers, with 72 cabins, one president suite, 6 spacious cabins, 8 single cabins,and 57 standard cabins. Its main facilities include central air-conditioning, closed circuit TV, audio, Chinese and western dining rooms, coffee house, video cinema, bar, ball room, karaoke, gift shop, beauty parlor, outside observation deck, etc.
It is also equipped with satellite telephone,international Telecommunication, foreign exchange, credit cards service, laundry, massage and artistic performance are available on board.

按此在新窗口浏览图片Chongqing to Yichang
Day1 08:00 The cruise ship set sail from Chongqing city
         15:30-18:30 Shore excursion—The Ghost City
Day2 07:00-07:30 Passing through the first--Qutang gorge
        08:30-09:30 Passing through the second--Wu gorge
        11:30-16:30 Shore excursion--shennong stream boat trip
        18:00 Passing through the ship-lock of the new three gorges dam
Day3 08:00-10:30 Shore excursion—the new three gorges dam
        10:30-11:00 Passing through the third gorge-Xiling gorge
        12:00 Disembakation in Yichang city
按此在新窗口浏览图片(Chongqing to Yichang)
 High Seasons                                     Shoulder Seasons 
       350 USD                                                320 USD    
按此在新窗口浏览图片(Yichang to Chongqing)
Day1  06:30 The cruise ship set sail from Yichang city
         08:00-10:30 Three Gorges Dam Project - Shore Excursion
         11:00-14:00 Passing Three Gorges Dam 5-stage Shiplocks 
         16:00-17:00 Passing Xiling Gorge - West Part
Day2  08:30-12:30 Shennong Stream - Shore Excursion
         13:30-15:30 Passing Wu Gorge
         16:30-17:00 Passing Qutang Gorge
Day3  08:00-11:00 Shore excursion to Fengdu
Day4  09:00 Arrive Chongqing Port and disembark the cruise.

(Yichang to Chongqing)
High Seasons                                     Shoulder Seasons 
350 USD                                                320USD 

1According to cruise comany‘s policy:the exchange rate for RMB to US Dollar is 8:1 ,especially for USA-Victoria series is 8.1:1.
2.About seasons:High seasons:Apr. 4th to May.31th,Sep.1th to Oct.31th,Shouder seasons:Other dates.
3.Price include: accommodation, meals on aboard and land-excursions during the cruise.

  Downstream schedule(2008). . .

 month depart dates (Book directty by Clisking then dates below)
 Mar  18.25   

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