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  About the Cruise . .

1. Is it safe to cruise the Yangtze?
  Generally, it is safe enough.  But you have to be aware that sailing on the river is truly is not that safe as it looks like. The nature has made great scenery, but also made rapids, shoals and rocks, which are very dangerous to the ships, so Know some thing about Yangtze river and ships  before you begin your trips is very important.
2. What are upstream and downstream?    Yangtze runs from West to East. Upstream means sailing from East -- lower part of the river (such as Wuhan, Shashi, or Yichang) up to the West -- higher part of the river (such as Chongqing and Yichnag or Wuhan). Downstream means the opposite. ,such as from Yichang or Wuhan to Chongqing .
3. How long do the cruises take? 
   Currently, the cruise ships on the river are sailing 4-5 different ways: (1) The most popular section is between Chongqing and Yichang. It usually takes 3 days 2 nights downstream and 3 day 4 night upstream.  
4. What are there to attract so many people from all over the world?
  There are basically three kinds of things for people to see:
First, natural scenery, such as Shennong Stream in Badong; Lesser Three Gorges and Mt. Wushan in Wushan County; Golden Lion Cave and Three Travelers" Cave in Yichang; Honghu Lake in Honghu County; Lotus River and Lotus Cave in Fuling.
Secondly, there are cultural and historical sites, such as Red Cliff (Chibi) in Puqi County; Ancient City wall in Jingzhou; Qu Yuan"s Hometown - Zigui; Ghost City in Fengdu; Zhang Fei Temple at Yunyang; Baidi City in Fengiie; Shibaozhai Fortress in Zhong County; Ancient plank road in Qutang Gorge, Shennong Stream and Lesser Three Gorges; Yueyang Tower in Yueyang; Suspended Coffin Museum in Wanxian.
Thirdly, modern architecture. Gezhouba Dam and Three Gorges Dam, etc. 
5. Why downstream takes shorter time but more expensive while upstream take longer but less expensive?
Just because more people are taking downstream. This is caused by:
(1) Chinese traditionally think that downstream means smooth, fast, while upstream means more difficulties taking and more time.
(2) Many western tourists prefer the short cruise.
6. How much is it for a cruise?
  Retail prices of the deluxe cruise ship are between 300 USD to 900 USD,the Price for tourist groups Above 10 passengers) would be lower.  
7.What does my cruise price include? exclude?
 Your cruise includes shipboard accommodations, meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), and organized shore excursions.
 Your cruise price does not include pre-boarding accommodation cost at the night before the departure, Items of personal nature are available for purchase, such as laundry, photographs, and ship to shore phone service, beverages & drinks, medical service, gratuities, beauty treatments or other miscellaneous items you may purchase on board.  
8.Are the cruise fare for one person or for one cabin?  
  The cruise fare is for one person 
9.Is it more expensive for one person to travel alone?
 A:No. the cruise fare is for one person. Cruising is very popular with single travelers, and cruise lines go out of their way to make it easy for singles to meet and mingle with other passengers. If you want to book one cabin, you should pay about more than 75% extra charge or even double. Different cruise has different rate police. 
8. Which cabins are better?
  River cruise ships are smaller than the ocean cruise ships. The cruise ships on the Yangtze are all outside cabins, 4-5 floors. The better cabins should be far from main engine and anchor, far from entertainment area, far from the public passages and working area, to avoid shakes and noises.  
10.May I know the assigned cabin for me now? 
  Sorry, we can not assure you that you will get the exact cabin you want in advance because the cruise company informs us your cabin assignment only 2 or 3 days prior to the scheduled departure.
9.What itineraies  are available in 2006?
   Chongqing - Yichang (4 days 3 nights)
   Chongqing - Wuhan (5 days 4 nights)
   Wuhan - Chongqing (6 days 5 nights)
   Yichang - Chongqing (5 days 4 nights)
11. What is pre-board, how much is that? What do I have to know?
  Preboard usually means you board the ship one night before the ship leaves Chongqing the next day morning. It usually costs $20-35 per person, but it saves you from getting up early, checking out a hotel, transferring to the ship and checking into your cabin. It would be much more convenient during the winter.  
12. What extra costs could occur?
  They are basically personal expenses. The charges are as the following :
Laundry 1-8 USD per piece
Haircut 10-50 USD for man
             10-70 USD for woman
Massage 15-20USD per hour
Drinks and Wines 20-100 USD
Tip 3-5 USD per day
(1-2 USD more if going ashore)
All the above items subject to 15% service charge.
If the cruise ship arranges some unscheduled sightseeing, it can be optional.
14. What Facilities are there in the cabins?
A: The facilities in the cabins are almost the same whether the ships are old or new, big or small. Most ships have big windows some ships even have balconies. 
15. How big are the cabins?
  The standard cabins are from 8 to 16 sq. km not including bathroom.  
16. Is there a laundry on the ships? 
  Almost all the cruise ships offer 24 hour professional laundry service. It"s a good time for you to do laundry during your travel in China. These are equipped with washers, manual dry cleaning, mending and ironing services ranging $1-$8 per piece.

17.Can I see the Three Gorges Dam?   All the ships sailing throughout the year, except the very special sailing itineraries in winter, pass the Three Gorges dam ship locks. Passengers on the ship will experience the passing in person and can have a close look at the dam. Besides it, some ships also offer a shore excursion to dam site.
17. If I miss my meal, can I order room service?
  Surely. Meal schedules are always regular and in groups. People need room service for meal delivery should order half day or one day before.  Inside shop
18. Is there a morning call service on the ship? 
  Yes. But you need to order.its  Free.
22. Could you tell us how the meals are arranged? People have meal at one time or they have shifts? 
   Each ship has a big restaurant, which can accommodate all the passengers on board the ship. So, there are no shifts on board the ship. Passengers are arranged at appointed tables, which are planned by travel group, nationality, habit of food, religion and culture. Usually, there are ten persons in one table.  
  Sometimes, there are three to five persons at one table, which depend on the number of the total passengers. There are many collective activities such as shore excursions and they have fixed schedules, so the meal schedules are fixed, too. It takes 1-2 hours to have a buffet and one hour for delivered-to-table meals. A three-star or above cruise ship provides room dinner service and local flavor banquet if you book half or one day in advance. If you are a patient, or Moslem, or Buddhist, you may give advanced notice. Diet, vegetarian, low sugar and low salt food are also available.
  Each ship has a welcome banquet and farewell banquet, on which dishes are delivered to table, most cruise ships arrange buffet meals, with both Chinese and western food.  
24. What kind of drinks and wines are available on the ships?
  Storage with different ship varies. Many are limited due to the small stockroom
(1). Chinese Wine
Tsing Tao Dry Wine, Dynasty Dry White Wine, Dynasty Red Wine, Loyal
(2). Cocktail with Alcohol
tw Medini, Grass Hoppor, Whisky Sour, Teqinla Suririse, Planter Punch, Tom Collins, Margarita, Daiquiri, Pina Bloody Mary.
(3). Cocktail without Alcohol
Royal Cruise, Pussy Foot, Fn, iit Punch
(4). Soft Drinks (aerated water, mineral, juice)
Cola, Diet Cola, Spirit Sodri Tonic, Evian Water, Pemer Water, Localwater, Orange Juice, Tomato Juice, Coconut Milk
(5). Aperiiifs
Campari, Pemo4 Martini
(6). Sherry Port
Cream Sheny, Fino Sheny, Sandeman Port
26. Any suggestions for disabled?
  It"s difficult for the disabled to travel on the Yangtze because there are actually no special rooms for them. At present, there is no lift and no disable access in public area on every ship. The disabled are usually arranged on the second floor, which is the same deck to the restaurant and to the exit of the ship.
Most of the voyages are very primitive rural areas this time. Usually there are no cable car, no lift at the piers. Going to shore excursions means walking a long distance on the stone steps. During winter seasons, the steps could be 20 to 100 long, which are difficult for disabled and some seniors.
  In some places, like Lesser Three Gorges and Shennong Stream, passengers have to board small boats to drift on the upper reach tributaries. Transfers are quite inconvenient, and, balance and stability are bad.
Assistance will be available on the cruise ships. But traveling with a family or friend, or pre-arranging an assistant when booking, is strongly recommended.
27. Can we take our children with us on the cruise?
  You can take children on a cruise. Four star and above ships provide baby and child carts and chairs, children"s play room and child care.
  You can share a cabin with your children because usually there is enough space to add a bed for child. But extra charges will apply.  
29. How much should pay for the tips?
  Asking for tips is forbidden by the Chinese government. But tips are welcome and an important income source for the service staff as their averaged monthly salaries are $30-70. Usually, it will be appropriate to pay US$3-5 per day. If you have arrangement to go ashore, a couple of dollars more will be good. If you are with a group, ask the leader how. If you are traveling independently, ask the manager. Some ships have a box at the front desk; some ships prefer you pay to the attendants or waiters or waitress directly. But asking the manager is always a good idea. 
30. What kind of clothes and shoes should I pack for the cruise?
  The Yangtze River is situated at north Latitude 30. The four seasons are clearly demcoated. In winder, the real cold weather is very short, usually in January, and the averaged temperature is above 5°C. In the gorges, average temperature will be 1-2°C higher. Even so, thick sweater and leather jacket, Raincoat with hat are needed to bring. In spring and autumn, the averaged temperature is between 10°C to 20°C, which is the best time to travel the Yangtze, passengers should bring light woolen sweater, jacket and raincoat with hat. In summer, cotton T-shirt, short sleeve shirt, hat and sunglasses are necessities. Some lotion may also helpful under the sun. As there are many walking and climbing every day, a pair of comfortable, convenient sneaker is a necessity. Two pairs would be better. People who do not care much about clothing can buy those in any cities of China. You can also buy the raincoat with ship"s logo, 100% cotton T-shirt, cap, etc, on the cruise ships, inexpensive and convenient.
31. Any tips for shopping ashore?
  When shopping for local handicrafts and souvenirs, you can bargain with the sellers but do not offer a high price. If the seller agree on the price, you should not bargain again to avoid unnecessary disputes.
Do not offer prices if you are not interested in buying. Ignore the peddlers at the piers, Pay much attention to the goods below.
Do not buy drinks or snacks at ashore as they might not clean enough.
You need to pay special attention when purchase high value items such as jewels, ancient coins, paintings, etc.
Be careful of the goods recommended by the tour guide. If they sell goods directly and persistently, you can complain them.  
34. Can I bring my pets with me?
  Traveling in China with your pets is unthinkable. Pets are simply not allowed on cruise ships. If you happen to have one, you need to discuss with the manager for some arrangements.  
35. Are there any limits for luggage?
A: There are no rules for the number of the pieces or weight of personal luggage on your cruise ship. But closet space is limited, so bring things you intend to use. There is a luggage rack in every room and luggage deposit service is available. If you are a member of a travel group, your luggage will be sent to ship in advance or arrive at the same time you check in. The luggage will be sent into your cabin by the bellboy once your cabin is assigned. If you are traveling individually, the bellboy will help you. But the ships usually charge $1 per piece, arrival or departure. Please note this is not tip and you have to pay upfront on the spot. This webmaster saw such misunderstanding before. If you want to pay tip, when he has finished his job. Give him one or two ten yuan bills if you do not have a lot stuff.
38. What do we do on the cruise ship?
  Different ships have different schedules and activities. You can find details in the ship schedules.
39. What should I do first when I get on the ship?
A: Here is the list:
Find your cabin location and read the sketch map of emergency evacuation at the back of the room door carefully.
Find the life jacket in the room and learn how to wear it.
Check the brochure and ask the crew if you need, to get familiar with the programs available on the boat and along the river. Find locations of the entertainment and service.
Meet your guide. He or she is going to stay with you for the entire voyage and you might need his or her help on many occasions.
Find your seat in the restaurant because it is usually fixed.
Find the telephone numbers for various services.
Deposit your precious items, such as passport, cash.
Sort out your clothes to be laundered.
Exchange some changes in Chinese currency.
Ask the payment method and price list for service.
Reserve barbershop, massage, beauty service, special cuisine and business center service as soon as you go on the ship, because there is only one barber, one massage master on board. The restaurant needs time to prepare for your special request. If you have reserved them through booking agency, this will confirm your request. And the staff and equipment for business center are also limited.
40. What should I pay with on board?
  Like in the hotels, most ships just ask you to sign bill and check out before departure. There is a 15% service charge. Major credit cards, such as American Express, Visa, JVB and Diners can be accepted. Various ships have different setup and you need to ask when you get on the ship.
44. Is the smoke allowed on the ship?
  No smoking in public. You could smoke on the deck outside if you want.
45. Is there any advise for shore excursions?
  Don"t leave the group as you please when visit on shore and go back to the ship on time and not to forget the ship card. Don"t forget to hand in the room key, bring back the goods deposited and not to pack in the big luggage.
46.who can help me if I have any problem?
   When you have problems on a cruise ship, you can ask the leader of your group, who will seek for help from the department concerned, or tell your guide on the ship. Or just tell the general manager of the ship.
The captain will be introduced to the guests at the briefing meeting, then general manager, housekeeping manager, restaurant manager, entertainment manager, ex ecutive chef and cruise director. The captain may present on any party or banquet only for some politeness and protocol reasons. His appearance is a symbol of security.
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