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  8-Day,Sichuan-Tibet South way Overland Tour(Private)
This tour is for Private Group,What is it?
Sichuan Tibet 8 Days South way Overland Tour!!!.Sichuan-Tibet Highway begins at Chengdu, Sichuan and ends at Lhasa, Tibet. It extends via Ya'an and Kangding to Xinduqiao, where the road becomes crotched. The north way runs via Gantse, Dege, Qamdo to Bamda, where the south way joins in. The road goes on via Baxoi, Ranwu, Bomi, Nyingchi ,covering a distance of 2412km, and finally reaches Lhasa. Drivers prefer the south way because it is shorter ( 2149km ) and its average altitude is lower.
The highway crosses high mountains and huge rivers en route, rough and dangerous, but that the splendid scenery is beheld attracts a lot of people who love outdoor activities, year after year.
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 Day by day itinerary
Day 1: Chengdu-368km-Kangding (2500m)
152km ride on Chengdu Basin to Ya'an and over Mt Erlang mounting Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. In a river valley Dreams Travel's clients find Kangding, a twon famous for its love songs.. Visit Dorje Drak Monastery (a branch of the Dorje Drak Monastery in Lhasa), Lhamo Tsering Monastery & Ngachu Gompa (a branch of the Drepung Loseling Monastery). Overnight at Hotel.
Day 2: Kangding-220km-Litang (4000m)
As its names goes, Litang is flat and there is Annual Horse Race, which enables visitors to view Khamba roundly. Ganden Thubchen Choekhorling Monastery (Lithang Gompa, Litangsi) - The monastery is just on the northern edge of town and belongs to the Gelukpa sect of Tibetan Buddhists. As usual, you are not allowed to take photographs of holy relics inside. The friendly monks will guide you through the main buildings, including some breathtaking views from the temple roofs. The monastery was founded in 1580 by the third Dalai Lama Sonam Gyatso on the site of an older monastery. There are three main temples in the compound, of which one is currently under construction. The oldest seems to be the one on top of the hill, still featuring the wooden construction of the upper rim of the buildings. Inside, you can view several chambers and a bedroom in which the 7th Dalai Lama is said to have resided. Many more famous and influential personal figures were born here, including the 7th Dalai Lama, 10th Dalai Lama, the most influential Zebutsundaba Lama of Mogonia, the 7th Gyamuyang Lama, the 7th, 8th and 9th Pabalha living Buddha of Chamdo monastery and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Xianggen living buddha.Overnight at Hotel.  
Day 3: Litang-165km-Batang (2900m)
Batang means sheep-baaing lakeside and it is one of the most beautiful places in the world.The scenery here is simply beyond praise. Dreams Travel's clients often are greatly astonished: Why are people here so beautiful? Overnight at Hotel
Day 4: Batang-270km-Zogang (3700m)
Half-bred yak's back is used to describe the place. Mt Meri faces river valleys, boundless grassland, hot springs, holy lakes and beautiful monasteries. Overnight at Guesthouse.
Day 5: Zogang-290km-Rawu(3850m)
Rawu lake has an elevation of 3,807 meters and 26 km in circumference, with an average width of 1 to 5 kilometers. It is Eastern Tibet's largest lake. Ancient glaciers surrounds the area and in the summer, when the snow melts, the snow finds its way into the lake. Rawu Lake is abundant in water resources, and sometimes known as the best immortals?
Overnight at Guesthouse
Day 6: Rawu-218km-Bomi (2700m)
Sightseeing of Rawu Lake: Water birds in large number are above inverted reflection of forest, glaciers and snow peaks in bluish green lake water, limpid and flat as a mirror.
The road comes to its most beautiful section with standing trees, gliding rills, hovering eagles on the background of snow-capped mountain, quiet lake, village or farming land.
Overnight at guesthouse
Day 7: Bomi-216km- Bayi (3000m)
Sightseeing of the spectacularity where Niyang River pours into Yarlungzangbo and overlooking Mt Benri, the holy mountan of Tibetan Local Religion, Mt Namjaqbarwa(7756m).
Overnight at guesthouse
Day 8: Bayi -400km- Lhasa (400KM),
Arrive at Lhasa.
 Departure dates and prices
(based on per person and shown in US Dollar)

Group size
2-5 Pax 6-9 Pax 10Pax&above single supplement Children price Booking Online
Jan-Mar/2010 - - - - -
Apr-Jun/2010 1860 1680 1500 200 -
Jul-Oct/2010 2045 1980 1760 300 -
Nov-Dec/2010 - - - - -
 Cost included
1.Landcruuiser( 3 client seats)
2.English-speaking guide
3.Best available on the way  
4.All the entries
5.Travel Insurance
6.All the permits( from Tibet Tourism Bureau, Security and Military)
 Cost excluded
*Your personal expenses ,such as shopping.
*All the meals
*Tips for the guide and driver
*air or train fare
 About Children:
Not recommendatory
1.Minor program changes sometimes are necessary, depending on road conditions, weather and availability of room.
2.Health consultation from your doctor before you come to highland (Over than 3000M).
3.As we travel in Tibet area where the economy much more backward than other place, the diversity food is limited, so we suggest you take some solid food. Most of local restaurant only can offer the simple Sichuan and Tibetan Dish.
4.The temperature varies greatly and sunshine can be very strong, please bring jackets, sunburn cream, medicine for altitude sickness etc.
5.For avoiding the altitude sickness, please don`t do violent exercises, drink more water and rest as much as possible after sightseeing.
6.We suggest you don`t go outside of your hotel during the night.
7.Most of the time you will enjoy the beautiful views in the car, and the driving hours are very long in this tour.
8.Tourists should take the high plateau altitude into consideration, if unexpected accident(injury, death etc.) happen, the Insurance Company will compensate according to the regulations not our company.
9.This line most place short of water, some hotels can not provide enough hot water for bathing but you won have problems in cleaning your mouth and face.
10.Prices listed above are valid excluding the periods of Chinese and Tibetan New Year, May day holiday, China National Day holiday,Shoton Festival and other important Tibetan Festival,activities which cause the big tour price change, an enquiry would be necessary for the exact tour price if you happened to travel during these periods. ......
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