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  Guangzhou Tibet-Lhasa Self Tour(for individual)
This tour is for Join-in Group,What is it?
This is specially offered for individuals coming from abroad and China taiwan,only for Tibet Entrance Permit(TTB) and one way ticket Guangzhou - Lhasa,either of plane or of train.
Tibet Travel Map
 Day by day itinerary
Itinerary 1: Guangzhou-Lhasa by airplane
We provide Tibet self-tour service leaving from Guangzhou.Our staff will arrange you the one-way flight ticket Guangzhou - Lhasa and apply for you the Tibet Entrance Permit.
1) One way flight ticket Guangzhou-Lhasa (return ticket cost 2630RMB/person)
2) Tibet Entrance Permit(only valid in Lhasa*)
3) Airport tax and fuel tax.
1) The return flight ticket Lhasa - Guangzhou
2) Pickup service in Lhasa Gonggar Airport
Our turn around period is 3-4 working days when your booking is confirmed.
Intineray 2: Guangzhou - Lhasa by train
The train leaves Guangzhou for Lhasa every other days.We will book you one-way train ticket Guangzhou - Lhasa and also apply for you the Tibet Entrance Permit.With these you can go to Lhasa freely and appreciate the beautiful scenery along the railway.
1) One way train ticket Guangzhou - Lhasa
2) Tibet Entrance Permit(only valid in Lhasa*)
1) The return train ticket Lhasa - Guangzhou
2) Pickup service in Lhasa train station
Our turn around period is 10 days when your booking is confirmed.
Booking Instructions:
If you agree, you need to:
1) Email us the clear scancopies of your passport and visa(please scan your passport and visa,save the pictures as *.JPG or *.GIF and mail as an attachment)
2) Kindly pay for it in advance please.
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 Departure dates and prices
(based on per person and shown in US Dollar)
Departure Date:Every day for air,every other day for train
  Valid Date price Children price Booking Online
Flight ticket and TTB July1-Sep1,2009 485 -
Train Hard Sleeper and TTB July1-Sep1,2009 285 -
1.Health consultation from your doctor before you come to highland(Over 3000M).
2.The permit is only a document to allow your travel in Lhasa,if you need to travel out of Lhasa city, you have to join a local tour group organized for foreign tourists.
3.It's necessory for you to book the train tour at least 10 days in advance.The final price is subject to our confirmation. As the train ticket booking system is very unclear in China,it would be very difficult to get train ticket.Once you applied for this kind of tour, Dreams Travel will try  best to satisfy the requests, but we are not able to promise or guarantee the availablity,even if you paid  the deposit in advance.In this case,we would refund your deposit or  recommend you  to take flight to Lhasa instead of the train given that you would agree to pay the price difference. ......
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