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  Tibet Car Rental
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Vehicles Rental :
Renting a landcruiser with a driver has become the most popular way of getting around in Tibet. Even though you can still travel along most of main routes by public transport. (Tourists are not permitted to drive rental vehicles in Tibet.)
Landcruiser have room for 5 people and their luggage, but one people need to sit at back extra seat, so 4 is more comfortable. Especially for longer trips, according to the road conditions and a big amount of luggages, it"s worth limiting the number of passengers.
The most popular route is a leisurely and slightly circuitous journey down to Zhangmu on the Tibet-Nepal border, taking in Yamdrok-tso, Gyantse, Shigatse, Sakya, Everest Base Camp and Tingri along the way. Mt.Kailash

Route          Distance      Driving Hours Road Conditions     Vehicle Type  

Airport -Lhasa

70Km1Tar-covered, goodAll
Lhasa - Gyantse via Yamdrok-tso 340Km7Rough road condition around mountains All
Gyantse - Shigatse  90KM1.5hours Cement road in good condition All
Lhasa - Shigatse(friendship Hwy) 300KM4-5hours Cement road in good condition All

Shigatse - Shegar  

240KM 5hours asphalt road ( With a bit construction) All

Shegar - Rongphu Monastery  

100KM3hoursRough road condition around mountains Landcruiser
Shegar - Old Tingri   60KM 1hourasphalt roadAll

Old Tingri - Zhangmu  

190KM5hoursRough road around mountains Landcruiser/good Minivan

Shigatse - Zhangmu

490KM 11hours Part of asphalt road and part rough road Landcruiser/good Minivan

Lhasa - Tsedang  

170KM3hoursCement road in good condition All

Lhasa -Namtso  

250KM4hoursCement road in good condition All

Shigatse - Namtso  

280KM7hoursRough road by crossing high passes Landcruiser

Lhasa - Bayi(+Basum-tso)  

460KM8hoursCement road in good condition All

Lhasa - Golmud  

1200KM25hoursCement road in good condition All

Lhasa -Nagari  

1800KM3-4daysRough road ( grassland, plateau mountains ranges) Landcruiser

Car Rental Fee for Reference:
Car  Type          Months   Capacity  
Jan-Apr.,Nov-Dec. May-Jun.,Oct. Jul.-Sep.      

Toyota 4500  

4.0RMB/km 4.5RMB/km 5.0RMB/km 4

Toyota 6200

3.5RMB/km 4.0RMB/km 4.5RMB/km 4
Mitsubishi landcruiser 3.5RMB/km 4.0RMB/km 4.5RMB/km 4

Business Minivan  

3.0RMB/km 3.5RMB/km 4.0RMB/km 6

Jinbei Minibus

2.5RMB/km 3.0RMB/km 4.0RMB/km 8

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