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  10-Day,Yunnan-Tibet Highway (North) Tour(Private)
This tour is for Private Group,What is it?
Zhongdian: Also called Shangrila because of its fabulous scenery, it is the traffic hinge to Sichuan, Yunna and Tibet. Songzanlin Monastery is the largest Tibetan-Buddhism Monastery in Yunnan
Deqin: Beautiful snowy mountain range
Yanjin: river valley
Markam: Perfect Place in Tibetan there are wild beings, snow mountains, river valleys, forests, lakes and exotic Kamba lifestyle.
Tibet Travel Map
 Day by day itinerary
Day1: Kunming-510km-Lijiang
Having been the most important terminal market in North-west Yun’nan since Tang Dynasty, Lijiang Town was a masterpiece of China Town Planning, which is the organic combination both economicly and stratagemically. As a melting pot of cultures, its human landscape also melts into its natural landscape. Never ignore its water supply system in Lijiang. It is a wonder.

Day2: Lijiang-360km-Deqin
There are 13 snow-capped peaks over 6,000 meters in Deqin and it is a coincidence that there are 13 nationalities living around. Deqin Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture is spoken highly of such as Shangrila, Home of Dance and Sing, Kingdom of Propagation, etc

Day3: Deqin-220km-Markam (3890m)
Markam was the first dak after entry into Tibet from Yun’nan since long ago, where there are agile and brave Khamba people with their leisurely Guozhuang Dance, elegant String Dance, various madrigals. Dreams Travel takes you into a sea of dancing and singing, a world of wildlife, a realm of Tibetan Buddhism. You can’t tear yourself away from the resplendent and magnificent monastries, gorgeous and sublime landscape and everything you have experienced.  
Overnight at guesthouse

Day4: Markam-434km-Qamdo(3240m)
Karo Ruins is the only Neolithic Ruins in Tibet, which shows Tibetans lived a resident life 5,000 years ago.
Built in 1444, Jampaling Monastery is subject to Geluk, Yellow Sect. The largest one in Khamba area attracts not only large numbers of pilgrims but also tourists who are filled with admiration for its achievements of art. Wrathful Mask Dance is its peerless practice.

Day5: Qamdo-248km-Dengqen(4500m)
There are rich tourist resources in Dengqen. Either on far-flung grassland or waving mountainous area beautiful scenery is beheld everywhere.
Tsedru Monastery is of Bon, the native religion in Tibet, which is said to be traced back to 3,000 years ago. It is the only one that still offers courses of Bon sutra and Supremacy Yoga. Monks keeps on their Nude Dance.

Day6: Dengqen-273-Sog Xian(4600m)
Sog is what Tibetans call Mongolia. Overnight at Guesthouse

Day7: Sog Xian- 549km-Lhasa.
Religious Circumambiency is a practice of Tibetan Buddhism. Pilgrims believe that it enables them to gain more merits and virtues to trek around a lake in the Sheep Year and around a mountain in the Horse Year  
Sightseeing of Nam Tso, and Mt Nyainqentanglha (7114m). the Holy Mountain of the whole northern tribes. Overnight at guesthouse.

Day 8: Lhasa Visit
Potala, the largest castle in the world used to be the religio-political center of Old Tibet, the winter palace of Dalai Lama and the cemetery stupas of deceased Dalai Lamas and now it is a great museum of art and teasures.
Jokhang, the final destination of all sects, is where the city and Tibetan Buddhism began.
Norbulinkha, Dalai Lama’s summer palace, gives you some ideas of Dalai Lama’s life and the history of Tibet.

Day 9: Lhasa-170km- Tsethang(3551m)
Morning 160km ride to Songkha Ferry, 1.5-hour boating across Yarluzangbo and 0.5-hour ride to Samye(built in 8th century), the premier monastery of Red Sect or Nyingma in Tibtan. 30km ride to Tsetang Town (3551m), the cradle of Tibetan civilization, and check-in at Longma Hotel or Yulong Hotel or Post Hotel according to reservation.
Afternoon 12km ride to Yumbulagang (built in 2nd century B.C), 1st Tibetan King’s Castle Via Trandruk Monastery (built in 7th century, subject to Geluk now), in which Pearl Thangkha is kept. Overnigth at Hotel

Day 10: Drive to Airport or Railway Station and Exit

 Departure dates and prices
(based on per person and shown in US Dollar)

Group size
2-5 Pax 6-9 Pax 10Pax&above single supplement Children price Booking Online
Apr.2010-Jun.2010 1980 1890 1800 150 -
Jul.2010-oct.2010 2000 1910 1820 155 -
 Cost included
1. three meals a day, eat-out or eat-in according to the situation
2. 2-bed room basis at 3-star hotel or dormitry bed at guesthouse  
3 One English guide  
4 landcruiser(seat-shared)
5 Permits of Tibet Tourism Bureau and Public Security
6 Entries to attractions listed in the itinerary
7 Service Charge & Government Taxes.
 Cost excluded
A. Entrance and exit transport.  
B. Visa Fees.  
C. Airport taxes & fuel recharges
D. Personal Expenses.  
E. Single Room Supplement
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