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【Lijiang Show】Impression Lijiang
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To:Jade Dragon Snow Mountain
Tour Code:1720
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Gropu size:under 100 person
Reservation: 3 -Day in advance,at least
Update time:01/16/2012 15:31

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    Unlike many other shows which taken place in the evening and a lot of lighting devices can be applied in order to increase the performance effect while covering up mistakes and blemishes, Impression Lijiang which Zhang Yimou has spent two years for the preparation was innovatively staged in the morning. As an outdoor performance in full daylight, no room for mistakes is allowed. Zhang Yimou has become the first one who dares to put an outdoor performance during daytime.  

    The performance began with more than 400 male performers wearing in their traditional costumes of respective ethnic groups that line up accordingly along the mountain path and shouting to the sky “We are farmers, we are stars”. All the songs and dances that includes within the show are largely portray the daily life of the local people. Perhaps, the tourists might feel surprised by the matriarchal context of the performances which depicting the women going to work while he men are just laze around and get drunk. This culture is different obviously when compared with other ethnics even with the Han Chinese culture. In comparison, the ethnic of Mosuo is practicing a very strict matriarchal culture while ethnic of Naxi is having a relatively substantial matriarchal element. On the other hand, there are performances that depict the well known tea trading culture of Yunnan Province as well.  

    "Impression Lijiang Jokul" is a magnificant outdoor production held on a huge man-made stage at the foot of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, 3,100m (10,170 feet) above sea level, near Lijiang city in southwestern China's Yunnan province since July 23, 2006. About 500 amateur performers from 10 ethnic minority groups selected from some 16 towns and villages around Lijiang took part in the US$31-million production by acclaimed Chinese director Zhang Yimou.  

    "Impression Lijiang" is a cultural show demonstrating the traditions and lifestyles of the Naxi, Yi and Bai peoples of the area. The show takes place inside Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Park at 3500 meters in an outdoor theater specifically designed to showcase the mountain which is used as a breath-taking backdrop.  

    Director - Zhang Yimou   
    Chinese director Zhang Yimou is well known for his films but much less is known about his creation of a series of the world's first outdoor scene performances in China know as the "Impressions," including "Impression Liu Sanjie," "Impression Lijiang" and "Impression of West Lake."  
    Since graduating from the Beijing Film Academy in 1982 at the ripe young age of 32, Zhang Yimou has emerged as one of the most recognized film directors currently in China. With many films under his belt he is now the most prolific of the so called "Fifth Generation" film directors. While his films are quite well-known globally, very little is known about his recent divergence into stage production, which has ultimately led him to co-direct the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008.  

    Two parts of Impression Lijiang Show   
    Divided into two parts, "Snow Mountain Impression" and "Ancient City Impression", the production, which has cost 31 million U.S. dollars to make, will be staged at the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Dayan Ancient Town, two famous scenic spots in Lijiang, a scenic city in southwestern China.  

    The performance began with more than 400 male performers in their traditional costumes of respective ethnic groups shouting to the sky "we are farmers, we are stars."  

    Actors - local people   
    The actors, including 400 local folks in various costumes of 10 ethnic groups and 100 horses have been selected from 16 towns and villages in Lijiang of Yunnan Province to perform daily folk songs, dances and rituals for tourists at the foot of the mist-shrouded Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.  

    How to get there   
    Bus No. 7 will take you to the theater for only 10 yuan (can be caught across from the Mao Zedong statue) but be sure to find out what time the last bus leaves the park.
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